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the World Teacher ?He - One, but  He has many names:

What is the most important thing in this world it is People it is People it is People!     (Maori Proverb)

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Photo 1. Left to right bottom row: Elena Smirnova, Wikitoria Yvonne Maureen Tuhakaraina-Simon, Alexey Smirnov; Left to right top row: Mika Haitana, Tuirnga Haitana.

Rotorua, Matariki  cultural centre,
24 th October 2015.
In October-November 2015  Alex and Elena Smirnov  were guests of the Maori tribe Ngati Rangiwewehi (New Zealand's Bay of Plenty region).

People tribe store and transmit cherished ancient knowledge to their offspring. Earlier deepest secrets and esoteric knowledge disclose the Maori people of other cultures in the past decade.

It was a great luck that the famous woman of the tribe
Wikitoria Yvonne Maureen Tuhakaraina-Simon, the tohunga-wahine (an expert in ancient knowledge)  invited us to stay at her home and agreed to talk about their unique activities related to the revival of the ancient people and the transfer of knowledge of the Maori (Photo 2.).

This is the esoteric concept called
PO-I  that reflects the philosophy and practice of basic energy balance created by the Creator - namely, male and female. It is no exaggeration to say that every citizen of our planet Earth on itself felt the negative impact of the imbalance, in which humanity has lived for thousands of years. It may be noted that the knowledge and demonstrated recoverable by Wikitoria Yvonne very demand is in our transitional period and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Now the forces of chaos intensified in the struggle with the divine forces pulling in their wars, millions of people. The philosophy PO-I  includes the theory and practice of restoring and maintaining the balance of forces in the universe, in society, in a pair and in the individual life.

Below is the interview given by Wikitory Yvonne  - to  Elena Smirnova in October 2015 during our journey together to the Maori villages  the length of the  Bay of Plenty  of the East of New Zealand.

Maori patriarch

Tainui, Te Arawa

Photo 3. Erueti Tamaikoha, also known as Ariari who died 1915 5 th September.

Ariari was one of the last canbals of the tribe Ngai Tuhoe of Waimana kaaku i am the 6th generation of ariari who represented Waimana in courts for land issues and his granddaughter Noti Takao who was his right hand translator he was high chief of Waimana ngai tuhoe and te whakatohea tribe in opotiki

Photo 4. Wi Maihi Te Rangikaheke also known as William Marsh - right hand man for Governor Grey who lead the british army to met all tribes of North Island.

Te Rangikaheke, known also by his baptismal name of Wiremu Maihi (William Marsh), or Wi Maihi, was born in the early nineteenth century, according to his own evidence, about 1815, possibly at Puhirua or Te Awahou, in the Rotorua district. His father, also called Te Rangikaheke, was from Ngati Kereru sub-tribe of Ngati Rangiwewehi of Te Arawa, and had kinship ties with Ngati Rangitihi. His mother, Kaihau, was descended from Tamahou, Pupu and Hinepo. As a child, together with his mother and siblings, he was taken captive at the siege of Mokoia Island in 1823 by Nga Puhi; they were ransomed by his father. His father, noted as a warrior and possibly a tohunga, died before 1835. His mother was killed at the pa of Hikairo at Puhirua, on the northern shores of Rotorua, just before the battle of Mataipuku, fought between Te Arawa and Ngati Haua, in 1836.
Wikitoria is  6th generation
of Wi Maihi

Photo 5.Tauheke Joseph Tuhakaraina

Tauheke is fourth  generation of Wi Maihi Te Rangikaheke  he is presently the Chief (chairperson) of Ngati Rangiwewehi Tribe.
Tauheke is Wikitoria`s Father who plays many roles walking in 2 worlds as he Owns ihis own busness contracted to Carter Holt the biggest Forestry company in NZ his role with his people he manages all assets for Ngati Rangiwewehi and spokes person for his people with the head government of New Zealand.

Restoring the balance of male and female energies

urgent task of our time

INTERVIEW  by Wikitoria Yvonne Maureen Tuhakaraina Simon

Elena Smirnova (hereinafter E.S.): Wikitoria, you are highly educated person, you are Bachelor in Tourism Studies, you have Diploma degree in alcohol and other Drugs, Diploma degree in Youth social work, Diploma  degree  in therapeutic social work.
But among the completed certificates of higher education you have and those that reflect the disciplines involved with Maori ethnic group: for example, you are Bachelor in Maori Law and  Philosophy, Bachelor in Maori Traditional Arts, Bachelor in Performing Arts, Bachelor in Iwi and Hapu Studies.What was behind the choice you just such disciplines in education?
Wikitoriya Yvonne (hereinafter W.I.): I have a high status in the tribe - I am the eldest daughter of  Maori Chief Rangivivehi Tribe in the city of Rotorua, which belongs to the peoples Te Arawa Iwi. Name Arawa nation - comes from the name of the first canoe "Arawa", who arrived with the first settlers to the shores of Bay of Plenty from Eastern Polynesia  some  700 years ago.
My position in the tribe defines my role as a mentor group of cultural traditions of our tribe. I am the Tutor of Ngati Rangiwewehi Cultural Group and I am responsible for the maintenance of traditional art forms in virtually all nations of our confederation of tribes Arawa, which now includes about 40 000 people.
I love what I do. Officially I am  Supervisor / Manager of Cultural Performance at New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Te Puia Rotorua.
I am also the Ambassador of New Zealand to foreign countries (in Japan, China and Korea) on the proliferation of Maori art.
E. S.: I know that You passed the ancient Maori knowledge of the Energy balance (Te Mauri o Te Poi) in Hawaii, visited the Philippines, Thailand, Germany, USA and other contries, and also widely give presentations in the cities of New Zealand for students of non-Maori. Why do You think that disclosure of these ancient knowledge so necessary in our time for people from different cultures?
1. Because, firstly is New Zealand child birth healing frame work when working in department of Health in New Zealand is the Treaty of Waitangi frame work that needs to be completed when you work in any mediacl arena or department of New Zealand. The research many professor and doctors have discovered utilising the framework for Maori has been proven to work for all in New Zealand as PO-I been a therapeutic occupational therapist to use our art our culture to involve others culture to have belonging and fitting.
So the technique used in PO-I to help in conneting with inner self also a physical breathing patterns which helps the process of delivering child birth to mental stability to a physical healthy way of mind body and soul
2. Secondly, because ancient Art the PO-I that is slowly being revived, can be used as a therapeutic agent for depression and addictions of the individual. Mauri o Te PO-I is not only the energy and the spirit, but also practical techniques and spiritual objects. I really want with all my love and desire to help all people of all ages and backgrounds. I really would like  to convey as a gift, these tools of healing.
E. S.: How a knowledge is transmitted in your tribe?
W.I.: Knowledge is transmitted through song and dance, chants, prayers and using our art to translate our language and identity of what tribe we come from.
Only selected ones maintain old information as it fits through bloodlines and status of land owners who also are selected through the people of your tribe who hold the courage to walk in both worlds Western and Maori.
Those selected are sent to private western schools and after school with traditional Maori Speakers as your guided from age 5yrs to 18yrs to be balance of both not top heavy with one.
The first born male is always selected to maintain the leadership within their own family when your respected by your own family extended recognise the leadership who then follow behind to support that person this person then sits alongside of elders to learn the responsibility of being chief.
If the child is female the eldest daughter(which is me is groom the say way as a male) but of course the roles are slightly different in a way where the female has find a male in same role for her to both move together to become great role models for their tribe same will continue with their children as it's  hereditary as our traditions have been handed down  through movement environment of action more than words doing the job physically spiritually and mentally of pure heart be kind and true.
I would like to illustrate  that with  Maori Proverb quote:
What is the most important thing in this world it is People it is People it is People!
Without people you have no ground just your ego that destroy yourself.

E. S.: Please tell us about the concept  and  philosophy of the  PO-I.
W.I.: Poi has many stories but my story is untold and with the support of my family and three main tribes of Maori manual scripts have been given to me to write my book using male and female Balance roles and responsiblty of both which filters down to next generation that I can share with you.  My three main tribes is Tainui (Ngati Haua), Te Arawa (Ngati Rangiwewehi, Ngati Whakaue, Ngati Wahiao, Ngati Pikiao Mataatua, Ngai Tuhoe, Whakatohea,Whanau Apanui) Tainui te Arawa Ngai Tuhoe Whakatohea,  Tamaikoha and Noti hail from Ngai Tuhoe.
The main idea of ​​my work: to demonstrate the balance between male and female energies in the base of unity and mutual respect both roles, a sense of responsibility in the physical world. Show how people can mentally and spiritually connect with their ancestors and God to guide each other unanimous one way of life.

To this purpose, we invite the audience to enter the Maori traditions through art demonstrate how to use the software, and as a therapeutic agent. The best form of transmission of this knowledge - a straight line. The best place for this purpose - House meetings tribal marae - which is decorated with wooden carvings reflecting our ancestors at the entrance of the house and inside it. I'll show you some of our tribal marae.

Tarimano Marae  Ngati Rangiwewe, Rotorua

Not only in marae, but in each  Maori house, you can see the  Po-I  concept in action.

Spending time with me and my family is sharing how we work together and protect our children sleeping in my home place.
(She shows the top corner at her home in the living room which lovingly exhibited in hung paintings and photographs of her ancestors on the maternal and paternal lines, and there are items that are used in PO-I practice).
E.S.: Tell us, please, who is depicted in paintings and photographs?
Theirs are Patriarch and Matriarch, very dear elderly people of my tribe and my bloodline.
The eldest was Erueti Tamaikoha (photo 3).
He was the Leader, a great man for our tribe. He was the last cannibal. He died in the year 1915 Since then, our tribes are opposed to this page of our history. We now consider the cannibalism dark page of cruel century, including its brutal reflection period in the life of our tribes.
E.S.: It is obvious that the cannibalism in the history was negative and terrible phenomenon. But he was already - in the past gone. I often have to deal with the attempts of not-Maori  crops again and again to raise this issue to cause a feeling of guilt for Maori. In my opinion, it is hypocritical position. If closely acquainted with the history of mankind, we will meet the cannibalism in many cultures and in many countries, including European, and even later than your ancestor died in 1915.  But the tragic fact that the so-called developed Western countries and today have  "a massive psychological cannibalism," when people literally "eat and vampires each other", leading to illness and death. The humiliation, hatred, criticism, aggression, violence, rape - are just a consequence of the imbalance of based initial  polarized  forces. The world lies in evil. For example, enough to call the form of institutionalized murder as a medical abortion which permitted in almost all countries of the world. This is something unthinkable for Maori women.
W.I.: Yes it is. Cannibalism wore mostly mythical and ritual nature. It was used always  against members of enemy tribes. Within each of the Мaori tribe the human had (and has) a special value. Conception, birth and upbringing of the new man - always was  holy and festive fact. The woman nursed and trained child, and to protect the new member of the tribe must men. Our elders taught that.

Is our elders of my tribe Ngati Rangiwewehi Te Arawa in Rotorua below, - said Wikitoria. (The Patriarch see photo 3-6)
Photo 6.  All men above are trustee of Ngati Rangiwewehi assets.
Left to right.

1. Back left is Maori Party Leader Te Ururoa Flavell,
2. Front left My Grandfather Chief Haami Hahunga(my mothers Dad
3. Patariki Simpkins. trustee of assets of Ngati rangiwewehi
4.  Mita Mohi Cheif and master at Mau Rakau Traditional Maori Arts who hold queen Vic medal
5. Deputy mayor Trevor Horowaewae Maxwell
6. Wikitoria`s Grandfather brother (her dad's Father full blood Maori) Meihana Taiehu Tuhakaraina served in Maori Battalion in Second World War and holds Knowledge of high chiefs of Te Arawa.
7. Tauri Morgan elder for Preschool education Kōhanga and Maori schools in Rotorua,
8. Noah Vaka minister of Ngati Rangiwewehi Christan
9.  Stubbie Bidios manager of Marae faculties of Ngati Rangiwewehi tribe,
10. Tommy Bidios brother to Stubbie who maker of Coffins for our Tribe and owner of Funeral maori home as we have our own educated within our own people.

Photo 2. Wikitoria Yvonne Maureen Tuhakaraina Simon

Maori Matriarchs

Tainui, Te Arawa

Photo 7. Noti Takao

Noti Takao was one of the first maori from the Tuhoe tribe to attend Turakena private school to learn English and educated to go back to her tribe in the Urewera help our chiefs for example Erueti Tamaikoha (who is Noti Takao grandfather)and translate in high courts in New Zealand.
Noti taught English to educated her people walking in two worlds maintaining our culture of balance in life for the future
Photo 8.  Left-right  Iranui Maxwell (nee Mohi),     Ranginui Leonard,   Hariata Hakopa,  Hoana Kakawa Hahunga
These women were the Matriarch of Ngati Rangiwewehi  Tribe.

Their roles and responsibilities was maintain the tradionals of our Maori people Tribe  

Photo 9. Hoana Kakawa Hahunga

She brought up 6 children on her own after losing her husband youngest was 3years old who is my grandfather only son her dedication to her children was grooming them in both sides educated well in the western world and maori world which covered Health Education tradional maori arts and her voluntary work for the community tribe

Photo 10.  Professor Huirangi Waikarepu.

Hail all the way from Taranaki Chiefness status that remains present as his role in The maori world was to establish our language  leture in all universities for all cultures educate all who lived in New Zealand his passion and love remains within all tribes of New Zealand as a great leader for Te Reo Maori

Photo 11. Huia Hahunga (up - is in the early years)

Huia Hahunga hails from a line of Cheifs both sides Mother and father migrating back 1350ad. Her role today she works for the National Trust Kohanga Reo (early childhood) she has created frame workshops to keep our language alive 400+ preschool Maori language spreadout New Zealand.
Wikitoria showed the number of photos of the Matriarch of her blood line too (see photo 7-11).

E.S.: Tell me, how are usually conduct your off-site workshops?
W.I.: As head of the Center  I can organise a cultural performance group Ngati Rangiwewehi who will demonstrate Po-I Mau Rakau song and dance (a maximum  4women, 5men or minimum of 3men, 2women). It will be - Powhiri traditional welcome,  Wero challenge, Karanga call of welcome, Haka powhiri chants, Mihi whakatau speech delivered by chief. There are representations some specific examples of lifestyle. Formalities completed we can Wananga or discuss balance male and female within traditional Maori morals and belief.
E.S.: Could you tell us more about the practice PO-I? Can people from other cultures to assimilate them to use in their everyday life?
W.I.: Yes, my experience of the international mission has shown that the practice of PO-I cause  great interest from non-Maori. I showed and demonstrated the practice of PO-I in the Vietnam, United States, Japan, Germany, Thailand, the Philippines and other countries. Everywhere they evoked keen interest. These practices are important in the classrooms, where people have a problem with the increase in women and men fertility in, conscious conception, pregnancy and childbirth. In our culture of Maori PO-I at all stages of both sexes take equal participation dynamic.
An important benefit of the practice PO-I can bring in the daily activities of midwives. I myself took 5 childbirths and know how to use breathing techniques, postures and exercises to facilitate the work of midwives.
Wikitoriya Yvonne demonstrates techniques Prix, used for healing and restoration of the internal balance of masculine and feminine energy. On his feet Vikitorii applied tattoo symbolizing male (right leg) and female (left leg) energy.
E.S.: I know that you are currently writing a book on the subject of PO-I. Could you tell about it, and the answer, when western readers will be able to read it?
W.I.: The texts and the concept of the "PO-I" book handed over to me the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of my tribe, so that through me the idea of ​​the balance went into the world. Never before this knowledge did not go beyond the Maori community. This ancient knowledge has never been published. Governor Gray (Sir George Grey, KCB, 1812 –1898) had some manual scrips that my great-great-great-grandfather WI Maihi Те Rangikaheke gave him. He known as William Marsh. If you know my great-great- grandfather wrote a book "The Coming of The Maori. Don Stafford who wrote “Te Arawa Book” used some information about PO-I  but not all.
The "PO-I"  book is almost finished and only requires editing. I would be happy that it has been translated into other languages, for example, in the Russian language with your help.
E.S.: Many thanks for your stories and photos of your family, you are allowed to publish on our website. It seems that the concept of Po-I cause great interest among the Russian-speaking reader, since our traditional cultures - Maori and Slavic - have much a similar. First of all it is the community-tribal system, as well as the inclination to restore the balance in all spheres of life.
To invite Victoria and her group in your country for the seminar write  by e-mail: esoterictour@gmail. com
October-November 2015,
North Island, New Zealand
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