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Who  is
the World Teacher ?He - One, but  He has many names:
You are the God who performs miracles.    Psalm 77:14
On this page we publish our readers submitted stories and incidents, which told us in a personal conversation people.
Following the concept of esoteric psychology, we do not give estimates and interpretations, but respectfully bow to the life experience of each.

Fire God at Easter

It was the day of Easter 1.04.13.
We walked home with my husband on the high hill on which stands our house. It was afternoon, it was still light.

Suddenly, in the sky, we saw a big fire, which hovered. At first we thought it was a comet, but the fire was falling very slowly, and half an hour later the core was divided, part of it broke away and walked slowly to the ground. And the upper part was formed in the shape of a strange fire.
Luckily we made some photos.
Looking at pictures at home and expanding them, we really saw a celestial creature of fire, which is on the fire sparks.
It was the Day of the Lord's Passover - in Orthodoxy "the feast of feasts and the triumph of the celebrations!"
Easter  means "passing from death to life, from earth to heaven."
This fiery creature, indeed, going across the sky, in the direction to heaven, heavenly Jerusalem - up!
Easter Day in the Jewish tradition is " паса́х"  (ивр. ‏פסח‏‎‎‎ —  passed, passed by), and refers to the Jewish people passed through troubles in Egipte. What  it? Fire Face of God of hosts?
What is His message? Humanity has passed great transition in 2012? We go from the old life to the new? Each of us comes from "the old man to the new man"?
Elena Smirnova-Dubova
New Zealand. 2013

Observing the craft (UFO)


My experience of observing this craft (UFO) was in the spring of 1982. This occurred in Auckland in the downtown waterfront drive area at the Quay Street and Fort Street intersection.
At the time I was working as a barman, worked a double shift and closed the bar, locking up near midnight and leaving the premises to fetch my car. It was my custom to take a drive out to Mission Bay to purchase a milk shake and a couple of donuts on the understanding that my body was running a lot of adrenalin because of the work. Sugar was needed to balance my system.
It was a dark moonless night. As I drove up to the lights at Fort Street I noticed out of my right peripheral vision some colored lights coming in over the water. At first I thought it was a helicopter but there was no sound connected with the moving lights. The time is around 3:00 AM. No traffic in front of me, nothing moved, very quiet in the city at that hour. As I stopped for the traffic light there I felt an energy in my being. I stopped the car and got out. The motor was still running. I looked up and saw the UFO which you see here in perspective. I was observing the underside of the craft with its circle of bright orange lights. The center of the underside of the craft appeared matt black. The craft appeared solid. I have tried to show it with the buildings which were 3-story, probably 60 feet. The craft was about 150-200 feet above me. When I had cognized that I was observing something not from my known reality, I asked myself if I was observing a UFO. As soon as I thought that thought it vanished. I don't recall a missing time experience, apart from the time it took to drive home to West Auckland.
                                                                                           Dennis, Auckland, New Zealand, 1982

Base alien ships around us

Traveling with my husband on the North Island of New Zealand, we were impressed by the unusual sight - a white cloud cap on top of one of the most beautiful mountains of the southern hemisphere. Taranaki Mountain peak, as it is called Maori (which means "Shining peak" is traditionally considered 'male' mountain (unlike women of the mountains, such as Pihanga.

Peak Taranaki has a second name - Mount Egmont (as Europeans call it). This peak has a surprisingly harmonious form, resembling a pyramid, often catch myself thinking that this construction of artificial origin. But it is - a stratovolcano (having layers of lava and ash), with the right like a cone shape  form, which is similar to the Japanese Fuji (so near him and snimalya movie "The Last Samurai") .
During our trip in 2013 we have seen in a few hours from the heavenly hats sailed pieces like a Zeppelin. Then they got the form of plates.We assume that this is the base of alien ships. А little earlier we saw a photograph of a cap over the same stratovolcano, but on the territory of Russia - Kluchevskaya Sopka. The picture was sent to Share International magazine, and it was qualified as a spaceship, those whom we call the Masters of Wisdom.
They shed light on the mystery of aircraft, which are often disguised as clouds. Since the ships belong to civilizations that are higher than ours, they exist in etheric matter, and usually invisible eyes of ordinary people. However, sometimes they can be seen.
We live in times of change of epochs. The entry of the planet Earth in the sphere of influence of the constellation of Aquarius brings new energies that are changing our eyes. Run the invisible becomes visible.
Elena Smirnova-Dubova
New Zealand. 2013

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