The new measuring  aura methods

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The new measuring  aura methods
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Russian scientists developed the unique instrumental techniques that measure the parameters of the physical, psycho-emotional and energetic state of the human body. This new generation of methods  are "AkuSsan" and Matrix Graphic Vision in 3D, works...
On this page you can find the hardware methods for measuring psycho-physiological state of man. You can also book and buy them at the request of any country

The software product is sent by mail after payment after the fact.

The official representative and distributor Elena Smirnova
Training for the method «AkuSan» can pass on Skype from any country (or in the center of Moscow).

Update. The program is constantly being improved and will send you a mail in the form of additional free!
Fig.1.Imposition of three forms aura of one person
The proposed set of AkuSan effectively and thoroughly investigate the changes that occur in the body in various human exposure. For example,

- When taking medicines;

- The study of compatibility with someone or something;

- Using the exercise (including medical);

- The use of meditation or other spiritual practices, prayer, yoga, etc.

(Fig. 1-2, 3) are examples of two parameters AkuSsan technique - a harmonious distribution of energy in the chakras before and after a session of meditation/

Changes of biological age in comparison with the passport. In particular, this example shows that the work of all the (main) chakras completely restored and harmonized, and biological age is significantly reduced.(Fig.5)
Fig. 5 Passport and biological age. The ddifference
1. The first method "Adaptometry" - software application :
The program is designed for efficiency improvement and quality of work of all who deals with the wellness regimen, bio energy man, in alternative medicine, applied psychologists, social and medical officers, massage therapists and for all who is not indifferent with own health and health of relatives.

This is an instrument by which it is possible to check the own energoinformational space  (aura, block, puncture, out flux of energy), by which % do the chakra operate, objectively evaluate the physical, psychosomatic and energy condition of the human body over time, to watch how does the energy field changes over time before and after any adjustment. The device takes the BAT (biologically active “chakras” points) from the human and the data is entered to the program.
With the aid of this program You will obtain the information on energoinformational matrix of the human bio field in graphic (two-dimensional or three-dimensional) view.
Today this test method is the most prompt and impersonal system for analysis of human aura and assessment of adjustment thereof to environment.
The breakdown of the program indicators enables:
- to define the prime cause of the human problems in health, private life, work, family, career development, business and other living environments;
- detect the distortions in the human info field long before the first clinical signs of diseases will appear;
- reveal the reasons of those ailments or symptoms which have been not defined by the conventional medicine;
- Allows to define the human aura entirety degree of alien impact from outside (torsion irradiation, zombification, hypnosis, occulted practices, etc.).
- To control the human condition in the process of correction.

- to define in conjunction with the psychoanalysis the causes of depressive syndrome, “failure circle”, loneliness, etc.
- Investigate the psychoenergetic processes in chakras.
- Evaluate the psychological characteristics of personality.
- define the level of stress and anxiety.
You will be able to interpret:
1.  malediction: active, dedicated “program” focused on destruction.
2. Puncture of energy field (hypofunction): vulgarly “malefice”, “hoodoo”, disturbance or disruption of energy matrix through which the energy necessary for human life and activity is leaving. The harder the blow is the larger the disruption of protective cover (matrix).The hoodoo is an energy infection which may outspread as usual flue.
3. Energy out flux (hyperfunction):leakage of energy which is necessary for human life and activities.
4. Block in the energy field: vulgarly “wreath”, “collar”, “slip noose”- is a suppression for chakra closing. The energy goes by energy centers inside our back bone and distributed by chakras system. In its turn they process it (like transformers) and nurture the organs and systems related thereto and the residue is directed further to the next energy center. If any of chakras is “blocked” then the balance of energy circulation in the human body discontinues, depriving whereby the feeding with delicate energy of physiological cells and body systems, that implies the problems of physiological and metaphysic nature.
5. Energy field: is an energy and informational human biofield, which represents the picture of his state of consciousness and mind. With the human spiritual growth his energy field is able to enlarge.
To buy  "Adaptometry" write to email: to Еlena  Smirnova
2. The second method “AkuSсan” complex:
Multimedia hardware and software complex of electropunctural testing for evaluation of bioenergetic human body state- “AkuSсan” in 3 D.
Device has a function of computer connection!
The method proposed by the author is an instrument by which it is possible to evaluate objectively the physical, psychosomatic and energy state of human body, facilitates in detection of real causes of his internal disharmonious condition leading to various physiological deviations. Reflects the current state of traditional Chinese medicine. The program is designed for improving of effectiveness and quality of work of all who is dealing with wellness regimen, bio energy practitioner, in folk medicine, applied psychologists, social and medical technicians, massage therapists and all who is unindifferent with own health and health of relatives.
The experience of methods R.Foll, I. Nakatani, L.Hay, A. Prokhorov, test of American type practitioners D.U.Cairsey and L. Viilm are used as a basis of methods.
The integral (holistic) approach from the perspective of Eastern medicine to the human (U-Syn theory, Chi energy, Yin Yang concept) and state-of-the-art technology are combined in the program, demonstrates the physical well-being dependence from the psychological makers of personality.
The program is an “indicatory” testing of, holistic approach to human health, promptness of carrying out of procedure are the primary virtue of the “AkuScan” method.

“AkuSсan” complex:
- enables to assess the body reaction over time for any type of impact;
- constructs the diagram of meridian imbalance degree; defines the cause of disease;
- defines the deficit of minor-nutrient elements and minerals;
- discovers the functional link of meridians pare imbalance by U-Syn laws;
- defines the psychological causes of diseases (psychosomatics); gives the psychological affirmations for recreation;
- misbalance of back bone and nervous system, psychological causes of diseases;
- enables to generate and  systematize the client data base;
- discovers the degree of imbalance for specific meridians and systems thereof;
- defines the biological age (physical, psychoemotional and energy state);
- defines the psychological type according to the test of American type practitioner D. U. Cairsey;
- defines the meridional diagram of human adaptometry  (puncture, out flux, block, overlapping of aurogram to aurogram, etc.), to which % do the chakras operate, primary aura color, energetics of birthday, donor or a vampire;
- device may work wit the “Matrix Graphic Vision” – Adaptometry software application.
It is possible to pass the training of specialists according to the “AkuSсan” method in the center or by skype from any point of world.
To buy  "AkuScan " write to email: to Еlena  Smirnova
Aura and its characteristics
Fig.2 Aura
Fig  2, 3, 4,  Different images of the aura (in the pfilling, the imposition aurogrammy on an audiogram, the aura in the grid meridian chart adaptometry), showing objective characteristics.
Fig.3. Imposition of three forms aura of one person.
Fig.4. Imposition of three forms aura of one person.
Chakras, their condition and harmonization of work (aperture)
Fig .6-8

Examples of measuring the condition  of organs and body systems, chakras. Fig 8,9
Fig. 10
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