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Primary psychic energy

The experiments
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The new book  of  Elena Smirnova-Dubova
Primary psychic energy.
The experiments.
Russian version: 2015. Краснодар: Новация.
English version (informal) -edited  and  translated by J Neve.

This book describes the methods that you can use in home experiments for the detection of primary (energy) psychic energy and contact with its miraculous divine properties. In different cultures and traditions this basic life energy is called different names:  the Holy Spirit, Shekinah,  Fohat, Teros, Ketub  etc. Modern science is only suited to the study of its electromagnetic properties (because we have discovered only physical level of matter to date.)
On the title page: A photo of Elena Smirnova and in the background a leaf of a tree - taken using Kirlian photography.
Read the text of the book's Introduction.
Not long after my mother passed away I experienced severe pain in my heart that prevented me from sleeping.  It was getting worse.

I picked up a photograph of the Christ's hand (the palm) and with love began to really focus on it.
This Palm had been miraculously imprinted on the mirror in the bathroom of a family home in Barcelona in October 2001 and the story with a full-page photograph, presented as the hand of Maitreya The Christ, was published in the October 2001 issue of Share International magazine. The well known lecturer and expert in physical phenomena and “miracles” and editor of the magazine, Benjamin Creme, explains: 'This is the hand of Christ , portrayed on a mirror in a bathroom in Barcelona. The lady-owner went into the guest bathroom and saw a handprint on the mirror and cleaned it off. She thought no more about it. A few days later when she went into her own bathroom she  saw the same handprint on the mirror. Instead  of wiping it off she contacted her son. He took a photo of it and sent it to Share International magazine.
It is three-dimensional in appearance, similar to the print on the Turin Shroud of the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. The image has extraordinary healing properties. Benjamin Creme said The Christ's ( magnetism is all over the world.) In the case of the image of Christ`s hand, the energy does not reside in the photo, but  is invoked from The Christ  when  you place your hand over  the image or simply  look at it.
You are in effect, calling forth His  healing, blessing or help.
The same effect can be produced with even a photocopy of the image.
It  makes Christ's energy, His help, in one way or another, available to whoever  asks.  It means Christ is very near to everybody.
This imprint is still on the family mirror in the bathroom, just as bright, though it was given about 15 years ago.
I  sincerely called Christ with all my being - to help my suffering heart. I addressed Him as if He was standing close to me. I told Him that in the moment when I place this image against my heart, I will believe that this is His living hand healing me.
I solemnly put the photo on my heart ... and immediately felt calm, warmth, peace and quiet joy. Like a baby in diapers, I blissfully fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up fresh and absolutely healthy. I was preparing breakfast and was singing when my husband Alex asked me:
- Why is the photo of Christ glued to your chest?

Unique photos phenomena

Age of Aquarius
Fig.1. E.Smirnova and the electro-magnet effect.
Fig.1-1. The photograph of Christ (Share International, Vol.22, № 7, 2003) (UK)
The photograph was still on my chest and I was pleased to feel its warmth. But Alex`s question  confused me. I thought it was normal for a photo to stick  if applied to the skin.

But my husband explained, and demonstrated that it is not. A photograph does not stick to human skin. He demonstrated by placing it on other parts of the body. With great respect, I put it on my forehead: it stuck.

Then my husband asked me to try other items. I took a photograph of my beloved saint - St. Seraphim of  Sarov, ... and it stayed on me, as well as the photo of the palm of Christ.
Fig.1-2. E.Smirnova and the electro-magnet effect with icons.
We found that the skin in some places (the top of the abdomen, chest, neck and face) had a barely noticeable sticky substance on it similar to honey. I'd never seen this before. My body had changed.
We decided to conduct an experiment.  My husband applied a variety of items: razors, spoons, forks, heavy plates, pans and all of them stuck.
Finally, I showered to wash this substance off, but when I got out, the objects still stuck to my skin. The substance didn't wash off, it was a part of me.
To double-check this fact, I went to the beach and bathed in salt water. After coming out of the water, and lightly drying myself with a towel, I put the photo of the hand of Christ on my chest.  It stayed.
Miraculously, I was completely healthy.
I asked my husband to explain this phenomenon to me from a science perspective.  Alex is a highly educated person who has several  diplomas and a  Bachelor degree with honours from  one of the most respected and prestigious universities in Russia  - Bauman Moscow State Technical University.
Fig. 2. Electro-magnet effect with cast iron pan.
He said that, most likely, there are some properties to the electromagnetic fields which cause this phenomenon. Modern science cannot explain the nature and source of electricity, but only encourages its use. In my case to an orthodox scientist – this was a miracle. Such people may call me a Human-magnet.

Then I decided to explore this phenomenon independently. This is psychic rather than a physical phenomenon, as proven by the work of Benjamin Radford with a compass. As a psychologist, I see this as a process of the psychic subtle energies of the Creator (because it was after prayer, I had this ability). 

I call this energy - the Holy Spirit. There is even less known about this energy than electricity.
The term psychic energy, in the initial meaning of universal energy, primordial energy, was proposed  by Helena Roerich in her series of works under the name of Agni Yoga (1929-1955).
In accordance with those texts, this energy exists in all objects and phenomena of the Universe, but in a unorganized, potential state.

In accordance with those texts, this energy exists in all objects and phenomena of the Universe, but in a unorganized, potential state.
Fig 3. Electro-magnet effect  with faience  plate.
About the same energy without naming it, Helena Blavatsky in the writings of "The Secret Doctrine" says that "Spirit and Matter - are united", "Matter is spirit at the lowest point of its cyclic activity" and "Spirit is matter at the highest point".

This was previously known not only by philosophers, but also scientists.

Dmitri Mendeleev believed that in the universe there must be primordial matter from which all atoms are built - "...ether as universal medium transmitting energy at a distance"
(Д.Менделеев. «Попытка химического понимания мирового эфира». 1905 г., стр. 27). 

The Russian physicist VS Leonov, author of the fundamental theory of Superunification says that Mendeleev in 1905 postulated a zero table element, zero group, and zero row, and located in the zero group there are rare (inert) gases. (See Tabl 1. Authentic genuine  Mendeleev Periodic table  and Д.Менделеев. «Попытка химического понимания мирового эфира». 1905 г., стр. 27,

Later, other scientists believed that he made a mistake and threw out his zero Table element, zero group and series - moving the inert gases to the eighth group. There is another opinion. The distortion  of the Table was deliberate falsification to eliminate the idea of a world ether  (See Tabl 2. Falsified Periodic table, now used in science.)
Fig .4. Electro-magnet effect  with  metallic objects

Tabl 1.    Authentic genuine  Mendeleev Periodic table.

Tabl 2. Falsified Mendeleev Periodic table, now used in science,

In 1996 Vladimir Leonov restored the zero element to the Mendeleev periodic table, calling it quarkonium. (a quark) The Russian scientist proved theoretically and experimentally that this element is a four-dimensional quantum space-time (quanton). These quantons are Universal and densely fill it, creating an electromagnetic ether.
Modern science is just beginning to approach the study and understanding of the Unified field. Mention may be made, for example, of the works by S.K.Kadyrov (2000), G.P. Grabovoi (1990 - 2015) and others.

S.K.Kadyrov writes that the criteria for the unity of all kinds of fields are as follows:
Nature (is the only)one source of all the fields;
Properties acting (on) forces are one of these fields;
Geometry of space (is the same) for all fields (one and other)
It is these three positions, I (as an independent researcher) would like to explore in relation to primary energy psychic energy.

One of the problems with regard to unified field research is the lack of a common terminology recognized for research: why do we call it a unified field, and what do scientists understand from the different fields in this concept?
According to the authors, who introduced the concept of Psychic energy in a civilizational body of knowledge - it is the analogue of the One field - undeveloped, unformed, unorganized life in potency throughout (sprayed on) all matter in the form of electrical sparks that tends to streamline and evolve (all beings living within it). These "space lights" can reach their highest form through conscious human mental activity, when they become psychic energy.
The authors of original texts indicate that in a study of the initial psychic energy it is necessary to refer to the processes taking place in connection with  the motion of the material physical and physiological, since psychic energy has a "magneto-electric, fiery nature."
Today, the term psychic energy is not accepted in the scientific community, despite attempts to introduce and use it. Therefore, in this book we will use the term - Primary energy psychic energy - in its original meaning of the title and proposed by the authors.
Popularization of Russian scientists SD and WH Kirlian the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges (Kirlian-effect) allows us to continue the study of  the phenomenon of primary energy psychic energy.
I decided to start a series of experiments to study this phenomenon.
This book presents  and contains the results of research carried out by me in the 2013-2015 period. The aim was to identify the manifestations of this Universal primary energy, the primordial energy.

The main method used was - Kirlian photography. Various objects were placed in an alternating electric field of high frequency and this produced the output state of the object in the form of an aura. "Kirlian aura" - the result of a corona discharge in a gas barrier. The Kirlian effect was first discovered in 1939 with certificated authorship, (not patented) in 1949, by Krasnodar investigators SD. Kirlian and his wife WH. Kirlian. From the point of view of physics, the Kirlian aura shows how the electric field is distributed in the air in the gap between the object and the recording medium at the time of discharge. From the point of view of psychology and medicine the Kirlian aura shows the general condition of the human body. In the present study we used the devices by S.Mosyagin. It  is The  Electrostatic version of Kirlian photography with xerographic technology.

Our  main hypothesis was that the light emission around objects of primary energy reflects their psychic energy. The additional hardware used were: digital photo cameras Sony (20 M), Panasonic (14 M) and the hardware-software complex "AkuSsan" developed by Russian scientists, using the method of R. Voll, J. Nakatani.

The End of The  book Introduction. Elena Smirnova-Dubova
Primary psychic energy.
The experiments.
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