Kirlianography  and testing homeopathic remedies

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Can our potential for good health be measured by the amount of light/radiation in the layers of the human body?

The Kirlian-effect allows us to see many of the processes that occur in the subtle world which are invisible to the human eye.

I use the Kirlian-effect for research within my professional interest (I'm a psychologist) and I'm interested in the radiation of the human body in its different states of health.
In an analysis of the human aura, I found a number of effects and phenomena that indicate the following:

Kirlian-effect research by Auroscop, discovered by S.Mosyagin supports the assertion that there is a Unified Energy Field.  The criteria  that there is unity in all types of fields as discovered  by S.K.Kadyrovu (2000) found they have the following factors.

- There is a common origin of all fields (our electrograph proves this in the prints of various objects)
- The properties of the active forces of these fields are the same (they exist together), for example in our study we  used a single testing method – a pulsating current of a high-voltage source and prints which can be found in all objects in the universe. This hypothesis is based on the assumption that one stimulus produces similar results.
- The form for all fields including forms found in space are the same (in our experiments, field objects tend to be expressed through a circular shape and have rays. This may indicate a macro and microcosm of the body).
Fig. 1
Using the current scientific world picture of humans in everyday life we can not differentiate between "vivacious, alive " and "inanimate" objects – but according to Kirlian-effect investigations (not ony mine) there are distinctions which are relative and conditional. We are able to view more detail which allows us a fuller picture.

All subjects in the experiments are traditional objects - "living" and "non-living" and they are virtually identical in structure to the structure of the aura. It can be argued that every object belonging to planet Earth has the same auric form (Fig. 1). The results obtained indicate that there are 7 (and possibly more) fields of the aura.

Examples of the aura of various pieces of inert matter (metal bolt, silver cross- crucifix, coin etc.) and natural objects (human finger, feijoa fruit, plantain leaf, silicon, etc.) are given below. The aura of all objects differ only (basically) in the form of the physical dense body (this is the central area for each print shown as Field 1 and occasionally  is viewed as Fields 2-3).
The characteristics  vary quantitatively (the amount and length of the rays) and in quality (brightness, continuous borders, etc) The Kirlian technique allows us to view the condition of the subtle bodies (locate the field where there is ill health) – and the print is available in almost all  objects (with different physical bodies).
Fig.3.  Kirlian effect  and testing homeopathic remedies
In a study of man-made objects - namely homeopathic remedies used as medicine there is a difference in quality between the aura of traditional homeopathy Arnica 6C , Aconitum2 Mln  and the remedies of  the new era of Maitreya - Tlacote water 6C  and Tlacote water 30C (Fig.3).

The difference is expressed primarily in the presence of radiation pervading Maitreya's remedy, which is absent in traditional homeopathic remedies in the core, but is present in the aura of living things as we currently know them (the emission of a human finger, living plant leaves, fruits, etc.) - Field 1.

At the same time, the lighter color of the core may indicate its energy – the  nonphysical finer structure. Another difference is the shape and voltage rays in Field 5. In Maitreya's preparations these are more pronounced. The layers are more prominent.

They have a more open structure and have a radiating appearance. Is this a method of confirming the potential effect of Maitreya's remedies on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical layers of the human body?

Additional studies were conducted on the new Era medicines of Maitreya (Tlacote water 6C , Tlacote water 30C) using the colour photographic Auroskop of S.Mosyagin. It turned out that the aura of the pill of Tlacote water 6C is stronger than the aura of the pill of Arnica 6C.
In comparison the size and shape of the auric grains of Tlacote water 6C (Fig. 8) are almost the same as the aura of the human finger (Fig. 4). Also, the luminosity and brightness of colours and the strength of the rays is far superior to the aura of other objects, such as the homeopathic remedy Arnica 6C .
Fig 4.Left-Right. Aura of a   right little finger; Aura of homeopathic remedy Tlacote water 6C pill.; Aura of homeopathic remedy Arnica  6C  pill.
The Kirlian-effect shows us how the medicine 'seed' of Tlacote water has the potential to affect each person. All we need to do is to measure the aura pre and post taking the medication.

Tests were carried out for a person who complained of pain in the chest, first with the homeopathic Arnica 6C, then with Tlacote water 6C and then Tlacote water 30C. The testee picked up the remedy and visualized that he had taken it. The test results showed in this case that the aura of his fingers improved its shape only in contact with the homeopathic remedy Tlacote water 30 C.
Fig.5 Aura of a sick person pre (5L) and  post (5L testing Tlacote 30) receiving  Tlacote water 30 C ( Took drops of Tlacote water 30). 
фото Elena Smirnova 2014, New Zealand.
The image above shows an imprint of the little finger on the left hand of a patient. (Fig. 5) We see that the aura is deformed and the rays are weakened and skewed. The boundaries of the auric field are blurred. Three minutes after taking the homeopathic Tlacote water 30C the fields of the aura became more symmetrical (Fields 2, 3 and 4), and there is a stronger radiation in the area that could relate to the internal organs. (This work has been proven by internationally renown doctors: Reinhold Voll, Peter Mandel, Konstantin Korotov and others).  The external field is also more pronounced and vibrant (Fig 5).

Subjectively, the patient confirmed verbally the influx of energy.  The chest pain had gone.
1. The Kirlian-effect allows us to demonstrate that we all live in a Unified Energy Field, we are all interconnected and at a similar energy level.
2. When we use this new medicine of Maitreya's era (for example, the homeopathic remedy Tlacote water) the results are different, faster and more efficient. After the administration of Tlacote Water there is a different energy and information structure in the aura than when we have used common homeopathic remedies.
3. There are no current techniques for the study of the invisible subtle bodies (fields) that surround all "live" and "inanimate" objects. The Kirlian-effect is one of the few means able to lift the veil of the unseen world. There are still many mysteries left to research.
The research continues.
Note: The researcher took Kirlian photographs of several homeopathic remedies and strangely only one remedy appeared on the film.  It was the Tlacote pill 6C.
After several days and several films one photo of Arnica 6c was recorded.



PhD, Psychologist and independent researcher,
Auckland, New Zealand.
(Edited by J Neve)


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