Self-healing  and Kirlianography

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Self-healing and Kirlianography

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In this article, we will consider experiments that show how the damaged parts of the whole organism are restored with the help of the  BASIC, PRIMARY, INITIAL, universal, primordial  General Psychic Energy. The proposed illustrations are photographs using the KIRLIANOGRAPHY made by the author of the website E. Smirnova (Dubova)

For the first time the term psychic energy in the meaning BASIC, PRIMARY, INITIAL  UNIVERSAL, PRIMORDIAL PSYCHIC ENERGY - was proposed by E. Roerich in her series of works under the general title Agni Yoga (1929-1955). In accordance with these texts, this energy exists in all objects, objects and phenomena of the universe, but in an unorganized, potential state. About the same energy, without naming it, E. Blavatsky in the works of the "Secret Doctrine" says that "Spirit and Matter are one", "Matter is the Spirit at the lowest point of its cyclic activity," and "Spirit is Matter at the highest point" . (When discussing this idea, E.P. Blavatsky in her work The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1, Part. 14, refers to the Book of Dzyan-Comm. III, par. 18. Later this provision was discussed in other of her works, for example, in the Protocols, the meeting of 28.03.1889. And in others.

Modern science is only beginning to approach the comprehension and investigation of this Single (one) field. You can name, for example, the work of SK Kadyrov (2000), GP. Grabovoi (1990 - 2015) and others.

According to SK Kadyrov, the following are the criteria for the unity of all types of fields:
1. The nature of the sources of all fields is one;
2. The properties of the acting forces of these fields are one;
3. The geometry of the cosmos is the same for all fields.

One of the problems in the Single (one) field of research of a unified field is the absence of generally recognized terminology of the object of research: how to call this single field, and what is the meaning of the scientists of different fields in this concept?
According to the author (E. Roerich, 1921-1955), who introduced the concept of BASIC, PRIMARY, INITIAL  UNIVERSAL, PRIMORDIAL PSYCHIC ENERGY in the civilizational treasury of knowledge" - this is the analogue of a Single (one) field - an unmanifested, unformed, unorganized life in potency, sprayed over all matter in the form of electric sparks and aspiring To ordering and evolving. These "spatial lights" can reach their highest form through the conscious mental activity of man and then they become psychic energy.

Authors of original works indicate that when researching the Vnualachalnoy psychic energy, one must refer to the processes occurring in connection with its movement, both to the material (physical and physiological), since psychic energy has a "magnetic-electric, fiery nature" (see E.P. Blavatsky: The Unmasked Isis, E. Roerich, Signs of Agni Yoga, 255)
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She says:
I am often asked "what healing method do you use?".  The answer is both simple and complex. I have come to realise the person on my table is the healer.  I connect into that persons body wisdom via a sacred process of consent and trust.  From there I work the body usually both physically and spiritually to release and discharge, not avoid, fragments of emotion from unresolved issues.  I use a lot of humour in my work - a very potent healing tool, as are the lived experiences I have had that better allow for me to connect authentically to people, and to the other realms.  My life, has been my training. And so shall it continue.

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Soviet scientists D. and V. Kh. Kirlian (Russia, Krasnodar) popularized the phenomenon discovered earlier by other scientists, which in the international system of knowledge acquired the name Kirlianography. This discovery - photographing with the help of high-frequency electricity allows us to begin to investigate the phenomenon of the Universal Psychic Energy.

To date, the term psychic energy - is not accepted in the scientific environment, despite some attempts to introduce it. Therefore, we will use the term - General psychic energy - in its original name -  and meaning, proposed by E. Roerich.
The camera was shot with a color camera Auroscope Mosyagin various things and objects, including human fingers. The shooting was done in the dark (or the object was protected from daylight by a special tent). 212 photographs of various objects of living and "lifeless" nature were made in the period from 1.03.14 - 09.06.15, mostly in New Zealand and partly in Russia.

Examples of color photos of objects using the Kirlianography

                                Table 1. Photographs of various objects of "living" and "lifeless" nature, made by Color camera Auroscope
For a more detailed study of the characteristics of the functioning of the General Psychic Energy, the Auroscope Mosyagin Electrographic apparatus was used. On a special surface, an object was laid out, through which an electrical signal was conducted. The resulting invisible imprint was sprayed with toner. Physical conditions of shooting remained the same. A total of 332 black and white prints were produced. To eliminate the influence of the researcher's own field, when working with objects of "inanimate nature" he worked with gloves, and the object was grounded with a special wire.
This method made it possible to determine several parameters of the functioning of the General Psychic Energy:
- as in the case of color filming, the technique revealed the similarity of the shape of the luminescence field and the tendency to spheroidal form even in damaged or angular objects;
- this method has allowed to reveal a certain structure of aura of luminescence, which consists of multiple fields arising around objects;
- in the case of filming of human fingers, we managed to track the so-called  norm (different from the so-called pathology).

Around all objects of living and "inanimate nature", when Kirlian applied photos, fields with different configurations are observed. Sometimes the details of the internal structure (for example, plants) or, presumably, the emotional state of a person are visible to the naked eye. Read more about the fields and see their configuration here. It is the interconnection of all objects of the Universe with each other through the interaction of multiple fields that penetrate into one another and overlap one another, which reveals the Kirlianography.
To investigate the vital activity of the General Psychic Energy, which can manifest itself in dynamics, a special experiment was carried out with plant sheets. Prints of the Persicaria odorata leaf were made using the electrographic Auroscope in different phases of his life and death.

Dynamics of vital activity of the General psychic energy on the example of different phases of life and death of a plant leaf

Table. 2. Dynamics of vital activity of the General psychic energy on the example of different phases of life and death of a plant leaf
When analyzing dynamics, the following attention is drawn to itself:
- near a living leaf connected with a whole bush of a plant, the rays of the fields are long and fairly harmonious; It can be concluded that the General Psychic Energyis functioning normally;
- at the leaf, torn from the bush, the apparent strengthening of the field at the moment of dying, presumably the General Psychic Energy concentrates on the torn off part of the bush and "folds";
- a sheet with damage to a part of the supposedly General Psychic Energy is activated to "try" to complete the missing site and as a whole it succeeds, because the aura tends to the oval (sphere), in parallel there are some processes inside the "leaf organs" in the damaged zone.
- the leaves weakened for a day, the fields weakened, presumably the General Psychic Energy "extinguishes," and the dense part of the leaf decreased in size, which can be interpreted as the "exit" of psychic energy from the shape of the leaf and returning it to the original maternal field.
- оn the leaf in three days, the general psychic energy practically dissolved in the surrounding space, taking the form of a spheroid.

Dynamics of the General Psychic Energy in Connection with the Life-Death Processes of Plants

Table. 3. Color Kirlian photograph the leaf immediately in the next moment after removing the part.
The white border of the matrix is looked through.
Table. 4. Imprint the leaf  immediately in the next moment after tearing it from the handle.
The red arrows show the locations of the ejection of
General Psychic Energy
Table 7.Imprint the torn leaf of mint. Sparks that separate from it (plasmoids) are visible up.
Table 8. Imprint the decomposing piece of capsicum. Sparks that separate from it (plasmoids) are visible on right.
Table 5. Kirlian-prints of the leaf made: on the bush (on the left) and immediately after the leaf break (on the right).
To understand the processes that occur when the integrity of the leaf is violated and to track the activity of the General Psychic Energy, we have made electrographic prints and color photographs of the leaves immediately at the time of damage.

As a result, we observe local energy releases in some parts of the leaf and attempts to concentrate it in other places.

We also observe an increase in energy (darkening in the photo) - around the stall from the cuttings, from the branch. There is a "leakage" of energy in the form of star formations. The red arrows indicate the places of energy release.
A colored Auroscope was photographed Hibiscus leaf immediately after cutting the piece (see Table 5 on the left).

The white lines of the discharges outline a certain matrix, a pattern of leaves with respect to which the General Psychic Energy tries to restore integrity.

Powerful rays "compact" the place of amputation to restore integrity.
Table 6. Kirlian-prints of the leaf, made immediately after stripping the leaf (on the left) and then after removing the part (on the right).
Involuntarily there are associations with the activity of the General Psychic Energy in the living plant world. Similar processes occur with pine, when the bark is damaged. The General Psychic Energy sends additional energy to the injury site to restore integrity, and if it succeeds, the tree forms the glue that sticks the wound.
The same happens to a person when the skin, bone is damaged. The organism, on the basis of a holistic image, sends this wound to the injury site, and the person heals a wound, the bone is restored.

The General Psychic Energy acts as a rational, reasonable, intelligent, sensible force.
There are many cases of self-healing after a clinical death. We touch the "part-whole" relationship. The mechanism of dynamic relations seems to be the same: and the remedy is the General Psychic Energy.

The dynamics of changing the quality and movement of the General Psychic Energy is obvious. This experiment, repeated after the experiments of other scientists, clearly shows the obvious: the vital energy is not created for dying. The process of death is unnatural. The virgin mental energy takes forms (in this case a living plant) in order to evolve in it. In the global intentions of creation, everything that was once created (in this case a plant) must live forever, always develop and in no case cease, not even be damaged.

The slaughter of the leaf forces the General Psychic Energy to "flow" out of the form and dissipate in space, and by this it actually lowers its level of evolution, turning into a lower form of unorganized matter.
A phantom of an amputated hand, kirlian-photographe/ Share International Vol.32, NO.1.- January / February 2013, p.22
About these same processes, as applied to the person, researchers are now speaking in all countries of the world. The greatest results in understanding the functioning of this General Psychic Energy have so far been achieved by Russian scientists. For example, GP Grabovoi demonstrated restoration of amputated organs and described her results in books - Resurrection of people and eternal life - henceforth our reality! And Management Practice. The way of salvation in 3 volumes.

Scientists call this energy the Holy Spirit.
In other countries, this energy is also explored with the help of the Kirlianography.

We can  say about, for example, the English scientist inventor Harry Oldfield. In an interview with him, which Felicity Eliot conducted for the magazine Share International, the scientist calls this energy - Subtle energy of matter (a sub-atomic energy matrix). Harry Oldfield has designed a device that works with the use of the Kirlianography -  Policontrast Interference Photography (PIP). It was with the help of him that he managed to capture a phantom of an amputated hand, consisting of this General Psychic Energy.
Е.Smirnova (Dubova)
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