Devas and angels Kirlian photos

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Devas and angels Kirlian photos
On the Internet there was a reference to the study of South African psychologists who have proven connection so-called  «astral entities» with a man. In publicized reprints of these references also indicated that the work was carried out "research team of the University of Cape Town (South Africa), composed of renowned scientists with years of experience research paranormal phenomena, including methods of fixation  aura, led by PhD Ngungu Tobago, known in the scientific world for his research ... ".
Developed by scientists and research methods invented their device patented (US Patent, № US 5,253,984 B1). Аt the end of the article often stands the phrase: On materials «SA Scientific Journal».

Independent investigation. I, as a psychologist, became interested in publishing and tried to find the source - the first article on the Internet. Despite the efforts, I failed. Then I tried to find a scientific journal referenced by an unknown author - «SA Scientific Journal». This was not in South Africa. I could only find a magazine called «South African Journal of Science" and wrote to the editor asking for an explanation of this article. I was told that their magazine had a different name and nothing to do with this information is available.

Then I tried to find a PhD Ngungu Tobago working allegedly University of Cape Town (South Africa). Such a person has not appeared not only in the University of Cape Town, but also on the Internet (in the relevant topics related to psychology, philosophy, and science in general). But the anonymous author writes that he - "well-known in the scientific world for his research."

During my investigation, I found that  this  information  about South African researches was not truth. Other readers had their own independent investigation and found that the United States Patent, № US 5,253,984 B1, to which the author refers to a mysterious article  - exists, but it is listed for "Apparatus for dispensing a liquid in a remote location."

Thus, the authenticity of the article about research links astral entities with a man in South Africa - not confirmed.

On this page of our website presents, on the contrary, it is absolutely real research conducted by the author,  a psychologist, Ph.D. Elena Smirnova.
Fig. 1.
Inorganic incorporeal creatures of the non physical inorganic world between two human fingerprints. Creature (Etheric body), developed during the Transmission  Meditation, after summoning  of all the forces of light (Christ, Buddha, the Masters).

Print made using the apparatus  by S.Mosyagin based on Kirlian effect.

Fig. 2.
Inorganic incorporeal creatures are  between two fingerprints  by person with multiple sclerosis.
In the Eastern tradition - they are called a devas and tried do not give them ratings,  treating  with  the respect their lives and their work (eg, elementals, forming the weather - it is also the devas).
On the contrary, in the Christian tradition  the angels decided to evaluate, immediately referring them to a brighter host - angels or demons.
The curious сase of a sensation on the "South African" article about  an astral entities,  a larvæ  (a mascus)  and other disembodied beings, revealed a great interest  among the the people on this subject.
In fact, studies carried out in this direction. In particular, this  website’s page  proposes some results of the research conducted by instrumental methods developed by Russian scientists.
This, in particular, -"Auroscope" by S. Mosygin  and 
- «AkuSсan» and  Matrix Graphic Vision by E. Temirbulatova.

The "Auroscope" produces two types of images of the human aura and objects of the world. Prints, produced using the electrophotographic method,  gives a black and white image and allows you to track a lot of  the changing characteristics of the luminescence .

Prints obtained using the color camera allows  receiving  the aura colors that are actually present during science experiment (not secondarily as a result of a computer superimposing , such as in the apparatus K.Korotkova). Despite the fascinating  visual effect by color photographs, we could not find them truly mysterious creatures of  non physical inorganic world.

But we managed to find these entities using other techniques. Namely:
- Electrophotographic method  shooting aura  by "Auroscope" S.Mosyagin and
- "AkuSsan" and Matrix Graphic Vision by E. Temirbulatova.

According to ancient books on esoteric psychology and religious texts, these creatures fill the space around (and sometimes inside!) us.
They are countless, they  live their own lives in a parallel space with us, having a different color from white to black, taking all shades of the color spectrum. These celestial beings have their own evolution and live by their own special rules, also knowing and honoring our common Creator - Supreme Being.
In ancient legends and religious texts we read about how these invisible beings came into contact with a person having a different purpose.

In our studies we managed  to detect and capture those things  invisible to the naked eye.

They are next to a man and act on it. Often the photographs after treatment were  the finger prints of a  real person, and next to them the prints of "entities" (see. Figures 1,2,3).
How to distinguish the subtle beings from accidental inanimate object on record (plate)  device (eg, a speck of dust)?

The inventor of the apparatus Sergei Mosyagin with many years of experience observing prints by Kirlian calls this distinctive feature: the presence of radiation of life in the absence of the dense physical body. This is manifested as an empty body (pictured white) surrounded by rays, similar to those observed around the  peoples fingers . Ie these  entity  are  alive.
Fig. 3.  Incorporeal beings become apparent  using by electrophotographic method (Kirlian effect) fingers sick people
Presented in Figure 3 three pictures belong fingerprint sick people. Kirlian effect reveals the subtle human beings inside (on the first picture on the left), next to a man who has mental problems (in the middle picture) and "glaring" in the aura of a human finger, which deals with healing (on the far right picture).

Typically, subjects are asked: These entities are good or evil? This question can not be answered yet. Most likely the patient is a person  who must identify, analyze his life in detail.
Energy-essence, sinking and diggind   into to the fields of human, as in Fig. 3, malnutrition themselves, they need energy to survive. It is, in fact, energy vampires. They cling to the human biofield during periods of field weakening. But not all behave  like vampires as some are next to a man (Fig. 1 and 2)
Energy-essence may be well on the organs, systems, cells, relationships, objects.

Methodology Matrix Graphic Vision also allows to identify "the subtle essence of the plan" on the aura of a person. Adaptometry energy-matrix method Matrix Graphic Vision - is a model of energy-field man, that gives the opportunity.
Fig. 4. Normal  human aura, without the "entities" (Matrix Graphic Vision)
Fig. 5. "Entity" is at the top right and bottom (lines at the aura. The right   female side  of human body (yang)
(Matrix Graphic Vision)
Fig. 6.  "Entity " is  bottom right. The right   female side  of human body (yang)
(Matrix Graphic Vision)
On aurogrammas (Figure 5 and 6) in the grid marks the presence of "entities"  that are distorting the aura in the form of strips.
Without aura,  "entities" should be flat on a distorted grid .. aura of "sit down" foreign education.

Developers technique write: "Based on the sacred esoteric knowledge Cosmoenergy suggests that this injects malicious energy entity in the mental, astral and etheric body in the case of a negative aura present program. The consequences may occur in the event that a person's aura is a broken harmony and therefore Field fades, and it formed cracks and gaps.

Such violations occur for a variety of circumstances, such as the presence of bad habits and addictions, violations of basic precepts, strong and regular stress, addiction, uncontrolled consumption of alcohol. To put it simply, as a result of unreasonable desires, thoughts, emotions, actions that are inconsistent with the universal laws and contribute to the concentration of negative energy in the aura. Energy lives in a man, and devours it. Energy falls into the human biofield  through the aura in which the breach of high concentration of negative energy.

It penetrates the aura and eats it with energy larvæ seek primarily to the person who emits low-frequency vibration. For these negative entities vibrations are related and are of particular appetite. But if the human aura radiates high-frequency vibration, the negative nature in contact with it,  can burn (collapse).

Thus, the authors consider relevant techniques continue to identify the occupants of the subtle world, recognizing the reality of their existence and identifying them in different ways.
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