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the World Teacher ?He - One, but  He has many names:
"... Inorganic matter does not exist and every atom is a kind of life." Let's realize that all forms are alive and that each of them is a means of expressing the essence in it. Let's understand that this is true for the totality of all forms. Then we will get the key to understanding ourselves and perhaps the key to understanding the mystery of the solar system. "
A.Beilly. Consciousness of the atom..
Orb - (from the Latin orbis - a circle, a sphere) is a plasma system structured by its own magnetic field, in the form of a translucent sphere, occasionally visible to a simple eye, but usually manifested in photographs (more often with a flash) and with video shooting.
The nature of the orbs is unclear. There are two hypotheses:
1. Rough-materialistic (represented most vividly by Wikipedia), according to which, the appearance of orb on photographs is the result of physical phenomena, technical features of the photo camera, camera settings, the moment of shooting, etc.
2. Mystic, according to which, orbs are the souls of the dead, angels, etc.
In this article, we propose a third hypothesis, which we called post-materialistic.
3. Post-materialistic hypothesis. According to this approach, orbs are plasma forms of life inhabiting the subtle (ethereal) world. The universe was created as a multi-level hierarchy of spirit-matter. Regardless of the density of matter, each of its atoms contains life and consciousness (in varying degrees of severity). The basis of life of all things is fire in different manifestations (electricity, solar energy, etc.). Mankind at the present time in connection with natural evolution is in the period of "refinement" of its physiological and mental apparatus of perception, which allows him to see those phenomena that his eye did not distinguish before. Also our solar system is in connection with its natural evolution, in the stage of thinning (and tearing) the dividing barrier between the levels of existence ("the veil between the dense physical and subtle etheric levels of existence" is torn apart). Some contemporaries call this process "depressurization". These two circumstances allow us to increasingly see the manifestation of the subtle worlds of the ether.
This post-materialistic concept "absorbs" the two hypotheses presented above-both a grossly materialistic concept and a mystical one. Yes, the technical features of shooting, flash light and the presence of drops of rain, snow and dust particles - contribute to the formation of new forms of life that manifest themselves as luminous formations, which we call orbas. Science finds it difficult to draw a line between the living and the lifeless, because this border is in reality, no, it is only in the minds of people.

To test the hypothesis of the existence of the mind in orbits (as a plasmoid form of life), an experiment was conducted.

On March 11, 2017, late at night (after 21.00), the author of the article E. Smirnova took several photographs with a flash of the same digital camera (Sony, 20 M) in the same place for 10 minutes.

The first picture was a control, there are no artifacts on it (see Photo 1). Then the  orbs plasmoids  was mentally called: "If your appearance is connected with reason, I ask you to get in touch through the manifestation of yourself." Then several pictures were taken. The orbs plasmoids appeared (see Photo 2). And his movement was noted (see Photo 3). The following pictures of the orbs appeared several (see Photo 4).

To confirm the fact that the phenomenon, which we call the orb, has a mind and is able to come into contact, this experiment was repeated several times. Out of 10, in 9 cases after appeal and request to manifest, the orb manifested itself. And only in one case out of ten - did not appear.
Experiment on the intentional call of the orb
Photo1. No artifacts can be seen. Photo2. Appeared orb (indicated by an arrow). Photo 3. A bright orb ascended to heaven, and other orbs appeared. Photo4. Set of orbits in the sky and in space.
Later on in this part of this article we will consider orbs as plasma forms of life inhabiting the subtle (ethereal) world. Since the Universum consists of a plasma, we also apply the term plasmoid to orbs. This hypothesis is confirmed by E. Roerich, who according to Teacher wrote that "... a normal camera gives prints of the astral world" (H.Roerich. Hierarchy).

This approach is not new. It is possible to name the names of researchers whose position is close to ours: VI Vernadsky, KE Tsiolkovsky, AL Chizhevsky, VP Kaznacheev  and other scientists. Among his contemporaries are the works of L Bokkone, B A Solomin, and others.

Despite the general nature of plasmoids orbs, they have a variety of characteristics and qualities. Let us first consider their general nature from the point of view of universal cosmic laws.
For the interpretations of the manifestations and behavior of orbs plasmoids, we will use the Law of Correspondence ("What's above, then below"). Not only esoteric texts, but also modern science, assert that everything that surrounds us (and plasmoids) consists of atoms, the different union of which generates various forms, including man-made, as well as visible and invisible to the naked eye.

1. "... An atom is a tiny sphere, or form, with a positively charged core, which is held by negatively charged electrons rotating around it ,... all forms in all the kingdoms of nature have the same structure and differ only in the degree of development of consciousness, or intelligence ... For all gradations and types of atoms, there is a goal and a design .... We saw, for example, that a chemical atom possesses intelligence, showing signs of a discriminating mind and a rudimentary ability to choose.That means that a tiny life in an atomic form demonstrates a mental quality. " (A.Beyli, Consciousness of the atom).

2. According to modern physicists, any manifestation of life in the solar system has a spheroidal shape. This statement is also true for all levels of existence, including the subtle-physical  etheric plan. Orbs, apparently, are lives related to the subtly physical etheric plane. "Etheric matter is the true matter of all forms, being a matrix for densely physical matter, which is essentially its sediment ... Any material forms in its first stage are initially undifferentiated ovoid forms (A.Beyli, J.Khul. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire).

3. Any form in the universe has life, has an embryo, from atoms to Galaxies. Orbs, even if they appear as a result of flare flashes on a drop of rain, - is a form consisting of atoms. Any atom has the rudiments of mind. Orbs are also reasonable, which is confirmed, in particular, by the experiment described above.

4. Matter in all its manifestations (from atom to sun) in our solar system evolves (lives) according to a certain one Plan. This Plan is usually depicted in the form of ancient symbols, see Fig. 1.
Fig.1. Evolution of matter. The Theosophist magazine 1899.
The triangle designates the Uniform Triune Force, the One Source, to which each atom belongs, as a part.
The circle is the original form into which any living entity is clothed. Denotes "The Ring PASS-NOT" any entity, the scope of its influence, development and responsibility. Inside, "sleep" the two poles of the Spirit-Matter, merged, inseparable, not differentiated. This is  THE FIRST STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF MATTER.
A circle with a point inside is the moment of switching on before this "sleeping" force - and the beginning of the work of the internal heat of matter (the kundalini analogue that every entity has) and the beginning of the rotation around itself, around this center. Increasing the vibration, speed of rotation gives the experience and allows you to come into contact with what is outside the "shell" "The Ring PASS-NOT". The natural rejection of something and the attraction of something is due to the ability to distinguish, or the ability to choose, and thereby gain experience, develop. This is the basis of consciousness, which in one degree or another of development, is for every essence in the universe. This is THE SECOND STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF MATTER.
The circle divided in two - means the period of polarization into "negative" and "positive" (male and female) beginnings, and the inclusion of their struggle in search of an equilibrium point. The beginning of the expansion of the point of internal heat and the achievement of the edge of the "shell". This is THE THIRD STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF MATTER.
The circle is divided into four - means increased rotation due to the ability to find a balance (harmony) between two states: stability and activity. This leads to the appearance of spiral-cyclic rotation and to its own luminescence. This is THE FOURTH STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF MATTER.
Adding the external force of the Single Source in the form of a Ray of energy (1), which breaks up into Seven rays of colors (2,3,4,5, 6,7). External stimulation leads to increased rotation in all directions and propagation beyond the "The Ring PASS-NOT" due to the appearance of a rotationally translational motion. This is THE FIFTH STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF MATTER
The disintegration of the Single First Ray into the Seven causes a powerful activation of the individual fire, which leads to the onset of a fire. Fire extends not only from the periphery to the center in four directions, but also gradually circulates and radiates along the entire periphery and beyond. This is visually fixed as the outward fire, the shape looks like a sparkling spinning wheel (Swastika). This process soon causes the beginning of the combustion of the shell. This is THE SIXTH STAGE OF MATTER EVOLUTION
Obscuration is the decay of the shell and the separation of the enriched essence toward the Source. At this time, in fact the body "becomes radioactive". The lights of the substance escape from their atomic spheres and add their share to the large sphere into which they are poured, and the central life is liberated. This is THE SEVENTH STAGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF MATTER.
Thus, the process of existence (purpose and meaning) of any entity in the Universum can be described by the following sequence:
1. Formation of an ovoid shape with a sleeping essence in it.
2. The manifestation of the hidden fire of matter, which awakens the essence.
3. Its active movement, which attracts external stimulation - the divine fire, with which the essence merges.
4. The shining of the essence, which causes the destruction of its form.
5. The release of electric fire in the center of the atom and the return of the essence-life enriched by experience to the Cosmic Center and the search for the essence of a new form.

Through the stages described above, all that exists passes through, including those entities, which we call external plasmoids-orbs. The life of essences hiding behind the shape of the orbs - proceeds according to the same laws as any other living conscious essence in the Universum. The essence of an orb is subject to the same sequence of stages of evolution and has the same goals and meaning of existence as we are, people reading these lines.

To illustrate and prove what has been said, we selected from more than a thousand photographs of orbits, those cases that most vividly illustrate this idea. We will follow the same stages of development of matter that have been described in the esoteric literature.

Explanations: the overwhelming number of photographs (unless specified otherwise) was made by the author of the article by E. Smirnova (Dubova) using a Sony digital camera (20 M) in 2017.
Photo5. Colorless, without radiation, a pale gray orb formed from the roof of the house, inside of which passes a group transmission meditation.
Photo 6. The orb rotates faster and the central point (lumen) of the glow - "eye" begins to appear in it.
The sphere is the original form into which the essence is clothed. Denotes "The Ring PASS-NOT" any living being, the area of ​​its influence, development and responsibility. Inside, two poles of the Spirit-Matter are asleep, merged, inseparable, undifferentiated.

Clairvoyants (without a camera) see a dimly flickering fire, which is scattered and does not have intensity. The sphere vibrates or rotates, but very slowly, almost imperceptibly.

The camera and video camera occasionally grasp this dim glow, devoid of colors. Orb is in the stage of cosmic fog.

On Photo5. One can observe the moment of the formation of the orb. Since it was formed from the roof of the house, inside of which passes group transmission meditation - the conscious work of people - it can be assumed that the starting mechanism for the formation of the orb in this case was the formation of a large amount of psychic energy.

At Photo6. The beginning of the transformation of the orb, the formation of the nucleus-the "eye" (which is analogous to the kundalini in the orb) and the initial activation of other centers (analogues of other chakras), hitherto asleep. Visually, this creates a heterogeneity of its structure.
Photo7. The appearance of a glowing dot in the center is a spark of inner fire.
Photo8. An increase in the inner point and its movement toward the periphery. Spiral-shaped bands are the result of the rotation of a sphere.
Photo9. Expansion of the point of internal heat, its ignition..
Photo 10. Achieving the internal heat point of the edge of the shell, which affects other objects (point by sphere).
In Photos 7-10 various phases of the "awakening" of the essence (embryo of life) are imprinted.

The appearance of a luminous point in the center is the moment when the work of the internal heat of matter is turned on and the active rotation starts around it, around this center. The more active the rotation, the more hidden the heat is.

The point of fire in the center means the first radiation. The point begins to move, gradually increasing and reaching the surface of the shell (see Photo8-9). The speed of rotation is constantly increasing.

From the moment of the first rotational activity, the first invasion of the atom induced by the latent heat into the sphere of influence of other atoms occurs (see Photo 10). A circle with a point in the center means the first attraction and the subsequent appearance of repulsion.The point in the center is the first connection between the self and the "non-I". There is a natural rejection of something and attraction of something, due to the ability to distinguish, or the ability to choose, and thereby gain experience, develop.Increasing the vibration, the speed of rotation gives experience and allows the entity to come into contact with what is outside the "shell" ("The Ring PASS-NOT"). At this stage, the essence inside the orb rotates around its axis.The core begins to move from the center to the periphery. The shell begins to glow.

A circle with a point is the sphere of matter with the core of the essence-life in the center. As the body develops, the central core of life increases the radius of control, until the whole being-the form-will act under his control.

Rotation increases, radiation intensifies.

According to the esoteric texts: "In the Sun, the planet, the person and the atom, there is a central point of heat, or (if it is permissible to use such a restrictive and inappropriate term) the central cavity of fire, the core of heat, and this central core reaches the limits of its sphere of influence, its" "The Ring PASS-NOT" "through the triple channel. All the entities that inhabit the form are, in fact, "electric fire". The material substance, which is inside the "The Ring PASS-NOT", considered as a homogeneous whole, is a "fire of friction" (A.Beyli, J.Khul, Treatise on the cosmic fire).
Photo11. Reaching the fire point of the periphery. The beginning of division of a sphere into two
Photo12. The point disappears, there remain two cavities of the opposite sign, visually the sphere is divided in two.
Photo13. Flashes of a swirl of a separating flame. The work of two lights - the hidden fire of matter and the radiating fire
Photo14. Searing of the sphere, revealing the compression site, the inflowing place of inflow and the expiration of force or heat.
The divided circle means the period of polarization into "negative" and "positive" (male and female) beginnings, and the beginning of their struggle in search of an equilibrium point. Earlier with the formation of the orb, it already contained a fire of matter composed of these two "sleeping" polarities. Now the time has come and conditions have been created for their activation in new circumstances.

At this stage of development of the orb plasmoid, the expansion of the point of internal heat and the achievement of the edge of the "shell" are actively continuing, see Photo11.
The point of light in the center of the fiery vortex was activated. The rotation causes it to burn brighter, casting off the fiery rays in two directions, so it seems as if the whirlwind dissipates in two. The beginning of this process is noticeable in Photo11. The point "eye" is still noticeable, it is an analogue of kundalini (existing in all formations of matter), in which two undivided energies of male and female were sleeping). But the next stage is already manifested - the inclusion of a new radiating energy emanating from a flammable point.

On Photo 12 we see how the motion is so accelerated that the point disappears from view. Instead of a point, flashes of a vortex of a separating flame appear. The flames of the flame burst forth and back, stimulating the glow of the center itself even more. Finally, a bright radiance is achieved, leading to a demonstration of duality.
At Photo 13. two lights are already working:
1. The hidden fire of matter and
2. The radiating fire of the essence itself.

This second fire in esoteric sources is called "solar fire". It is he who ensures the work of the "soul, consciousness, mind" of any entity. It is this work that manifests itself in the ability to distinguish between "I-not I", attract the right and repel the wrong, seek its full opposite, strive for the goal-reunification with the Primordial Source.

This division in two cameras captures extremely rarely because of the high speed of rotation of the sphere.
The camera only manages to track spiraling bands-traces of rotation, which explorers of the orbs call "moiré" (see Photo8).

The intensification of the process of work of
two light-forces causes the appearance of a compression site, which places the inflow and outflow of force or heat.

"Despite the fact that every atom is considered spheroidal, it is rather a sphere that is slightly concave in one place, and through this place comes the force that animates the matter of the sphere." This is true for all spheres of matter (from solar to atomic). Each atom is both positive and negative, it is receptive or negative with respect to the incoming force and is positive, or is radiating, with respect to its own emanations and in connection with the effect it exerts on its own servation "(A.Beyli, Dzh.Khul. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire), see. Foto14.
(An interesting fact is that on one of the images of the planet Mars made by a space satellite, it was discovered, in the vicinity of the North Pole of the planet - a grandiose deepening, and this, despite the fact that according to esoteric sources, Mars is currently in a stage of obscuration) .

The expression of these two fires (latent and radiating), their joint work (struggle for the search for equilibrium), leads to the next fourth stage of evolution, which is characterized by:

1. The beginning of the mobility of the sphere of matter in space, and not just the rotation around itself.
2. A four-dimensional action, or a wheel, of a rotating form turning around itself and moving in space.
Photo15. The appearance of a visually observed cross in a rotating sphere.
Photo16. The appearance of traces of new trajectories of movement in space.
Photo17. Acceleration of rotation, the lights are inflaming and the sphere begins to glow brighter.
Photo18. The appearance of spiral cyclical rotational motion
This stage of the development of matter is represented by a Circle, divided into four parts. This is the true circle of matter, the equilateral cross of the Holy Spirit, which symbolizes active intellectual matter. (In our time, similar crosses of light, often appearing on glasses and other surfaces, call the Cross of Aquarius, emphasizing the coming New Era, whose goal will be to find a synthesis between pairs of opposites).

This circle represents the four-dimensional quality of matter and the penetration of fire in four directions, whereas its triple radiation is symbolized by triangles formed by a four-fold cross.This circle represents the quadruple rotation of each atom. It does not mean the ability of any atom to make four rotations, but the appearance of a new quality of rotation in four dimensions. At this stage, the center is extremely active, the cross inside it rotates in the same way as the wheel itself, inside the circle, showing two activities
They are symbolized by a rotating wheel and an inner rotating cross. See Photo 15-16-17.

This leads to an increase in its own luminescence (see Photo 17) and the appearance of spiral-cyclic rotational motion (Photo 18)
At this stage of development, a copy of matter:

1. Visually observed as a sphere, divided into
four parts, (there is a cross formed from the lights moving in orderly in different planes), see Photo15-17.
2. Demonstrates the increase in rotation, thanks to the ability to
find equilibrium (harmony, dynamic balance) between two states of two different polarities - stability and activity. His own glow intensifies, see Photo 17.
3. Gets the ability to a new form of motion activity -
spirally cyclic rotational motion, see Photo18.

At this stage of evolution, "the one that sits in me" (in the words of V.Vysotsky) - begins to be "noticeable by the One Source, God, and He sends him help in the form of a new additional flow of energy.
Photo19. Iridescent radiance of spheres. The beginning of the color sub-races.
Photo20. Red color - the color of the First sub-ray.
Photo21. Blue color - the color of the Second sub-ray.
Photo22. Yellow is the color of the Third sub-ray.
Photo23. Orange color - the color of the Fourth sub-ray.
Photo24. Green color - the color of the Fifth sub-ray.
Photo25. Purple color - the color of the Sixth sub-ray.
Photo26. Dark blue indigo, the color of synthetic Seventh  sub-ray.
The colossal energy created by the unthinkable speed of rotation and the additional force and speed of the spiral-cyclic motion of the entire sphere creates a strong self-radiation of the essence.

This individual radiance becomes visible to the One Source (the Supreme Mind of the Solar System, God, Logos) and He sends His complex Ray, which enters the sphere, breaks up into 7 Rays-Сolors, see Photo19.

The most active sub-ray (color)  an entity chooses independently, according to its needs. In Photo 20, for example, a red active sub-ray is presented. By the color of the orb you can always understand its phase, goals and state.

The seven sub-rays of the main complex Ray are well known in the esoteric literature. There are no bad and good colors. It is strange to read the opinion of some authors (who are not researchers) who, in their classifications, attribute to certain colors "aggressive or unkind intentions." In our example, the orb took a red color, based on its goals, apparently related to increased self-activity.
Note: about the colors of the rays.
Rays-builders are hierarchical. Each Ray includes seven sub-rays.
The main complex Ray, coming from the Central Space Source of our Solar System - the Second (Ray of Love and Wisdom).
It breaks up into 7 sub-radiations, of which each entity (including a person) chooses its combination for a certain period of life. Orbs live short-lived (compared to human life), but they also choose their own combination of colors.
A.Beyli in the book "Esoteric psychology" writes that the stages of development are infinite and therefore there are countless combinations of color shades and tonalities. Each Ray has additional rays over which it dominates, acting as a synthetic Ray. These seven rays are associated with the colors of the spectrum. Thus, we get: 1 Ray - red, 2 Ray - blue, 3 Ray - yellow, 4 Ray - orange, 5 Ray - green, 6 Ray - purple and synthesizing them all 7 Ray - indigo. Red, blue and yellow colors are primary and do not break up into other colors. These are the colors of the m
ain three rays (Trinity): 1, 2, 3.
Photo27. Progressive movement of orbs formed from the open flame of a candle. Trajectories of the orb movement are visible.
Photo28. Active relationships with other orbs.
The sending of the Ray from the outside is a kind of response to the activity and "diligence" of the essence-life. It is help in the future Path to Him, to the Source from which the Essence came out.

External stimulation leads to:
1. Strengthen the rotation in all directions - the appearance of translational motion, see Photo 27.

2. Enhance the luminescence observed visually.

3. The beginning of the spread of radiation outside the envelope - "The Ring PASS-NOT""

This last circumstance allows the essence (entity)  to more actively enter into relations with the surrounding world. In the first place with the same orbs, as it itself. As a reasonable entity, he has a stage in social life, see Photo28.
Total, the activity of the essence (entity) of the orb is provided by three cosmic lights:
1. The original hidden fire of the friction of matter;
2. Own fire of radiation based on solar fire;
3. The external light of the Ray from the Central Source of Life.

At this stage, the essence (entity) is already approaching the image and likeness of God - it becomes triune, reflects the Trinity, which is the Central Source of Life. It is already "easier" to follow the Path of reunification with Him.
Photo29. The appearance of fire emissions outside the shell
Photo30. Fire of the shell
Фото31. Начало полного возгорания
Фото32. Возгорание с выбросами огня. Начало обскурации
The fire, spreading not only from the periphery to the center in four directions, but also gradually circulating and radiating along the entire periphery, beyond its boundaries - is usually depicted by the symbol of the Swastika, the transformed circle.

The swastika symbolizes the perfect activity in each section of matter, when, at last, a sparkling fireball is formed, rotating in all directions, with channels of radiant fire from the center to the "The Ring PASS NOT" - fire inside, outside and around. This process lasts as long as this wheel is not absorbed and there is nothing left but perfect Fire.

At this stage, the center becomes four-dimensional. The internal rotating cross begins to rotate rapidly around its axis, drawing the flames on the periphery in all directions, so that the center becomes more like a sphere of fire than a wheel.

This increase in rotation and glow lasts until the essence in its form turns into fire. See Photo 27-30.
This process soon causes the combustion of the shell, see Photo 31-32 .
Photo33. Increase in the depression as a result of increased activity
Photo 34. Beginning of absorption, decay of the shell under the influence of lights
Photo35. Ignition and decay of the shell
Photo36. Exit of the fiery body
It is the combustion of the shell that causes absorption through the depression that all rotating spheres of atomic matter have. This groove on the surface of these spheres corresponds to the point that the planets call the North Pole (see Photo 33). In esoteric sources, based on the observations of clairvoyants, it is indicated that this deepening in any form of matter is formed by radiation going in the direction opposite to the rotation of the sphere. Radiation passes halfway from the north towards the south. So they seek to increase latent heat, create an additional driving force, so the special quality inherent in their source of radiation is given.
The fiery essence, or substance, dissolves as a result of internal activity and external heat in such a way that the electric fire in the center of the atom is released and is seeking a new form. Picture 33-36.

The shell burns. This obscuration, or the final disintegration of matter, is due to intense heating.
But the hidden fire (outside the sphere) remains; It is inalienable. Why does the shell break up? Any form is a temporary and limited manifestation - it is formed by the action of two fires of matter - active and hidden, radiating and inherent - by means of
a third fire from outside from the One Source "Our God is a consuming fire" the Bible. Deut., IV, 24; Heb. XII, 29).

When the lights are disconnected, the shape disintegrates. This illustration shows the essential duality of all forms influenced by Fire from the Central Source from the outside.
With the proper passage of the Path of Evolution, at this stage a "body of fire" is formed. The body of fire is the "incorruptible body" (the Bible, I Corinthians XV, 53.), indestructible, which the Apostle Paul spoke of. The body of fire is the product of evolution, the perfect fusion of the three fires.

The idea of ​​combining and merging these three lights underlies the whole scheme of evolution for all forms of matter, including orb of any origin and man.
The evolution of each atom is determined by two factors: the inner life of the atom itself and its interaction with other atoms.
                                                    A.Beilly. The Consciousness of the Atom
We have examined how the evolution of the essence takes place, which is enclosed in the etheric form of a sphere (orb) due to its inner activity.
This inner activity manifests itself through successive states of repulsion and attraction.

During the rotation (and motion) around its axis, the atom falls into the field of activity of other atoms similar or not like themselves. Atoms of them either draws and introduces into their own zone "rings do not break", or repels and takes them out of the field of their activity, causing division.
An atom can also unite with other atoms, but then it still retains its individuality.

As we have already seen from the previous consideration of the stages of the evolution of any form of matter, the UNIVERSE is a  TRINITY. All things (from the atom to the solar system consists of three kinds of lights. This is a fire of friction, solar fire and electric fire.
The friction fire is the electricity that animates the atoms of matter, or the substance of the solar system, the result of its action is:
- Spheroidal form of all manifestation.
- The heat inherent in all spheres.
- Separation of all atoms from each other.
Solar fire is electricity, which animates forms, or accumulations of atoms, the result of its action:
- United groups.
- Radiation from all groups, or their magnetic interaction.
- Synthesis of the form.
An electric fire is an electricity that manifests itself as a vital energy, or a "will-be" of some entity, it is revealed as:
- Abstract Being.
-The Darkness (Unmanifested).
- Unity
In the first part, we examined the development stages of the orb-plasmoid, placing emphasis on the primordial existence of the first hidden fire in it - the fire of friction. It is inherent in matter (from its previous cosmic development cycles) and is a sleeping dual fire of two energies - the Spirit-Matter. Further, this undifferentiated undivided sleeping fire due to rotation begins to manifest a second type of fire - solar. He is also referred to in the esoteric literature as "consciousness", "soul", "son of Spirit and matter, etc. This" awakening "of the essence (entity) causes additional activity within the" ring do not come "sphere. The consequence of this is the "exit" of activity beyond its limits (without loss of individuality) and entry into relations with other objects.

So we discovered that the essence,(entity) enclosed in the form of the sphere, awakens the soul (mind, psyche, consciousness), which manifests itself most clearly in the distinction of the I-not I. Thanks to this ability, the essence (entity) is able to "treat" what meets outside its "The Ring PASS-NOT", - its shell to attract or repel.

Any essence (entity) enclosed in a form (from atom to solar system and further) by its nature is in the process of finding out its place in the Big System in which it occupies a position, therefore, during its life cycle, it has to solve three problems:
1. To reveal the secret of one's own existence, to determine for itself, "who it is", to achieve full self-consciousness, which is possible for a given life in this form;
2. To determine the position and place of its polar opposite, at a minimum, to understand "who is this and where is it?"
3. To unite and merge with this polar opposite, creating something new. This is a cosmic marriage.
These three tasks the essence (entity) "I"  decides in the process of daily contact with "not I ", which is everything that is outside its "The Ring PASS-NOT"
Already in the early stages of evolution, and also in the future, the essence is confronted with elements (fire, water, earth, air) and with representatives of the kingdoms of nature (mineral, plant, animal, human, supra-human (deva) kingdoms.

A diverse, unpredictable life and interaction with other entities enclosed in other forms of matter puts the current tasks before the essence of the orb- plasmoid and it is forced to solve them.

The analysis of more than a thousand photos of orbs in different situations (time, space and contacts) revealed that it is always possible to track at which stage of its evolution the essence contained in the orb in one or another situation is located.

Let us consider how the essence of the "I" inside the orb begins to reveal "not I", - any external influence.
Photo37. Orb on the ground flower beds. The point "eye" is visible, moving to the periphery. 2 stage. Evening.
Photo38. Sea grotto. The set of orbs in different states - in 1,2,6 stages. In the afternoon.
Photo39-1. Orb was formed from an open candle flame (stage 1). Photo 39-2, the same orb in a fraction of a second already has an actively increasing "eye" and rotational-translational motion (2-5 stages).
Photo40. During a thunderstorm. A large orb with a nucleus and a visible trajectory of motion. 2-3 stage. In the afternoon.
Photo41. "Elven Fog" in the morning. Many orbs in different stages. The arrow indicates a bright trajectory of the flight of the orb.
Photo42. Orb on the bush of aloe. The radiance bursts out of the shell. 6-7 stage. Evening.
Photo43. Morning, ponies. Orbs are only forming - practically devoid of colors. 1 stage.
Photo 44. Orbs actively interact with the psi-energy of a person, on the head. (Stage 5-6). In the afternoon.
Photo45. Orb is on an electric wire in the mountains, in the afternoon.
Photo46. Orb on the wing of the plane in the afternoon with two "eyes", stage 2-3
A special class of orb refers to the objects captured in the sky (night or day), classified as UFOs, see Photo 47-51. When analyzing these images, one can easily refer their state to one of the stages described above. If these are really flying machines, then a logical hypothesis arises about the use of the energy of a plasmoid-like object by some mind.
Photo 47. The object is classified as a spaceship from Mars. Avare, Brazil, 2015. Stage 6-7
Photo 48. A spherical object in the night sky. Russia. Krasnodar. 2015. Stage 3-4
Photo 49. Cross-shaped luminescent object in the night sky. Russia. Krasnodar. 2015. Stage 4
Photo 50. Ball-shaped object, revealed during video shooting of the open outer space. Step 5-6. Freeze.
Photo 51. A group of multi-colored ball-shaped objects, which were shown during the filming of the film about Atlantis. Freeze. 5-6 stage.
Photo52. The process of attracting and defining the qualities of "Not I". Orbs are in different stages (Left - in 1 stage, right in 6 stages). Clearly visible is the color gamut of the work of the right orb's sub-rayi and its core at the periphery. The active process of its rotation is viewed.
Photo53. Contact is established between the orbs, which are in the same state of the 1st stage with the help of touch. Energy flows are visible.
Photo54. Sensation of two plasmoids. Visible are the "working" centers of the two orbs on the peripherals and the core. 2 stage. The small orb 3 stage
Thus, after making a short analysis of the photographs of Photo 35-51, we were convinced that the orbs are actively adapting to the elements, to the kingdoms of nature, interacting with them, exchanging energy and gaining experience. The development of the consciousness of the essence (entity) is due to the response to the contact, which, therefore, increases the awareness.
One of the schools for obtaining such experience is the social life of orbs - their mutual relations with each other.

Within the sphere of the orb, there are two forces: attraction and repulsion, which provide a definition of its relations with other units or groups, places within the groups.

"Non-I", or someone "stranger" - shows qualities: inertia, mobility, rhythm.
"I" (the essence of the orb) must be in a state of its own rhythm, balance and stability. To achieve this state, you need to introduce yourself into the appropriate vibrations. This is achieved by essence with the help of basic psychic ability - touch or sensation see Photo 52-54
The space for the conscious essence is formed by the limits of the form in which the greater center of consciousness is, of which it is a part. The space for the conscious essence (entity) is formed by the limits of the form in which the Greater Life (Greater Center of consciousness) is, of which it is a part. The essence is attracted and repelled simultaneously. It is attracted and built into the form of a Greater Life. At the same time, it repels and thus supports its removal from a certain point inside this form (A.Beyli, J.Khul, Tractatus on the cosmic fire).
From the point of view of esoteric psychology, the whole life of any entity enclosed in a form can be divided into three major stages:
1. The stage of its own identification (the nucleus in the form of a luminous point is in the center, or increasing moves towards the periphery). It determines its own rhythm, rotation speed, see Photo5.

2. The stage, when the central point reaches the periphery, and at the point of contact on the "shell" of the sphere, this nucleus in the form of a luminous point is in contact with the influences of the surrounding atoms. Essence determines the balance between the rhythms and speeds of other entities, finds its opposite.

3. The stage of ignition of the nucleus in the name of the Greater Center, in the process of seeking reunification with its divine Source. This stage can occur either alone, or in a couple or in a group. As a result, it adds its share to the overall heat of the atomic system.
Three stages of life correspond to the three cosmic lights and represent the image and likeness of the Trinity - the Triune Godhead, for "we live and move and exist" (Bible 17:28).
Search for an entity in the orb of its place in the group
According to the photos below, we can see how orbs enter into group interactions with each other.

On Photo 55-58, a larger orb builds its own relationship with the group. In the end, he passes into the next stage of his evolution, increasing his luminosity.

Photos 59-62 show examples of the relationship of different orbs that are in different stages. Due to the group work, some gradually increase their luminosity and move on to the next stage of evolution. Finally, they manage to enter a relatively harmonious state of joint progress, up to the final stage of obscuration (in Photo 62).
Photo55. Large Orb in 2 stages
Photo56. A large orb makes contact with a smaller one.
Photo57 A large orb makes contact with smaller orbs and they form a chain.
Photo58 The big orb passed to the next stage of the glow.
Photo59 A group of orbits approximately in the same stages 1-2 ("fog").
Photo60 A group of orbits approximately in the same stages 3-4
Photo61. Group orb in different stages 1,2,5. Traces of forward movement and contacts
Photo62 A group of orbs in different stages 2, 5-7. There is already a fire.
Thus, the following is traced: the search for one's opposition and contact with it are only a part of the life of the orb and only a part of its tasks.

It is the search for your group and the formation of a joint soul, without losing your identity - is one of the main goals of any entity. This is most relevant in our time, the era of Aquarius. Everyone should find his group and, thanks to joint group work, advance in evolution. This, by the way, knew the representatives of ancient esoteric traditions, for example, mages of Indians. So, for example, the group of Don Нuan in the books of K.Castaneda in this way left this dense world, - igniting.
Search for a pair, its opposite
The search for a pair occurs with the help of attractive and repulsive forces. When analyzing photographs of orbs, we find that finding a pair and contacting it can occur at different stages of orb development. Picture. 63-66.
Photo63. "Immature" orbs in the first stage came into contact. Touch.
Photo64. Orbs in advanced state, 5-6th stage. Feeling. Touch, the "eye" is visible.
Photo 65. Orbs about the same stage. Energy is exchanged more actively.
Photo 66. Orbs in the last stage of simultaneous ignition 6-7 stage.
Фото 67. "Рождение" орба ? 
Photo 68. Orb left the "parents"?
We have found that the search for a pair, (contacts of different kinds and degrees) in orb occurs often, manifoldly and ends in different ways.

We managed to make some photographs that resemble the phase of formation (budding or birth) of another orb of the two. And as a rule, these "newborn" orbs were recorded by us in the first stage (pale and without a glowing nucleus), see Photo 67-68.

We use the energy, post-materialistic paradigm to explain the processes that we observe in nature and in experiments. This approach implies the idea that everything is energy. The very word energy entered vocabulary not so long ago, although Aristotle introduced this term long ago. Even more ancient knowledge carriers used a different word, to denote energy - "fire." Here is what E.Roerich writes after receiving this knowledge from her Teacher: "Fire Energy in its meaning is a primordial all-vigorous energy that, when combined with an organized focus or organism, becomes psychic energy."
It is the Initial, universal, primordial all-vigorous base energy that becomes psychic when combined with thought. The highest aspect of the Universal Energy of the All-Power  is the psychic energy.

"Fire energy manifests itself as a vital energy or force in all manifested Being." "The basic element of Fire is the connecting principle, and its combination with the various qualities of a single energy exposes the innumerable number of elements, so the whole variety of elements, all the so-called types of energies: electrons , Isotopes, ions are just different qualities of the same energy. " (E.Roerih, Conversations with the Teacher).

That is why in this article we use the concept of  "fires" to explain the life processes of plasmoids, in the tradition of ancient esoteric texts.
In this connection, two questions arise. First: where and how is this basic divine energy of the plasmoids taken? Second: how do plasmoids relate to a person who is the carrier and producer of its highest form?

We tried to answer the first question by providing photographs of the plasmoids of the orb by their contacts with the surrounding world: elements, representatives of the kingdoms of nature - minerals, plants, animals. As for contacts with a person, we will present the information below.

According to esoteric texts, "the goal of the evolution of the atom is self-consciousness, as it is expressed in the human kingdom" (A.Beilly). It is not difficult to understand why. The  Initial, universal, primordial all-vigorous base psychic energy of the universe only in man in his consciousness has its highest form of development. Man was created to connect his daily life - matter and spirit. It is a kind of machine for the production of psychic energy.

Human was created to connect his daily life - matter and spirit. It is a kind of machine for the production of psychic energy. From this point of view (and only with this!), Man is the Crown of God's Creation. What a human produces actually moves not only his own, but also the evolution of the whole Universe. It is logical to say that God Himself, who created the Universe, develops further thanks to man (and to all His evolving creation). But the whole creation creates different energies, and man is the highest and universal kind of it, which everyone needs  -  the   psychic energy .
That is why, around the human, a variety of plasmoids of different species can be observed. Moreover, we will make a bold hypothesis: the fact of registration of plasmoids orbits is often possible only in the presence of a person and his equipment, beyond which he stands (regardless of range, for example, space surveys). Obr appears in connection with the actions and interest of people, as they produce  a psychic energy. This proves, in particular, our experiment described at the beginning of the article.

The plasmoid of the orb needs the
psychic energy produced by human for its development and movement towards the Original Source - God. It  himself can not produce psychic energy of such high quality. It's not fair to assume that a plasmoid-orb can harm a person, "pump out" a lot of energy from he or influence him with its color. On the Internet (Russian-language and English-language), many articles in which the authors unreasonably put forward such statements (not even calling them hypotheses or assumptions). In particular, they write that a lot of orbs appear in "bad" places, such as cemeteries, or in psychological training, that orbs "vampire", etc.

Such versions can be put forward by people far from the idea of the existence of the One Creator-Architect, who has a strict plan whose purpose is to teach His creation of cosmic Love (our Creator lives on the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom).
Despite the obvious absurdity of ideas about "harmful" plasmoids orbs, the author of this article carried out a verification experiment. On March 23, 2017, during several hours in the dark, 35 photographs were taken at the cemetery, in the adjoining houses, on the seashore and in its own garden. The images revealed 11 orbas, of which only one gray pale plasmoid orb was imprinted in the sky above the cemetery. The rest of the brighter were found elsewhere. So the assertion of some writers that the cemetery - the source for the formation of "sinister" orbs - has not been confirmed.

As for the widespread observation that plasmoids-orbs appear in large numbers during psychological training, it is also confirmed by our experience. In the period from 1993 to 1996, during the psychological training with the use of video equipment, many plasmoid orbts were found and imprinted, which appeared in space, moved at an instantaneous rate and disappeared, apparently ending their fast life cycle, thanks to the energy that was hovering around. Their appearance was usually associated with a great mental  tension of participants in the trainings. We will assume that it was probably the high quality of psychic fire energy that attracted plasmoids and allowed them to accelerate their evolution, turning from a dull sleeping fire into a fiery body. The repeated registration of large orbs of unusual form over the roof of the house in which group meditation (with the call of the light forces) is conducted, surrendered in the last 5 years, also confirms the stated idea.

The same effect can be observed when filming extremely clean and full prana (or fire) places, where there is a lot of
fire neutral  energy (from the point of view of emotions).
To answer the second question: how do plasmoids relate to the human carrier of psychic energy, let's consider two types of human-associated plasmoids-orbes. The first type: random photographs of orbs made with the help of a digital camera in connection with the normal life activity of a person. The second type: Kirlian - prints made with the help of high frequency currents in the process of active mental activity of a person during the
planned psychological experiment.
Man in all his manifestations (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) - produces mental energy of various qualities (according to the frequency of vibrations, the color spectrum, etc.). What is psychic energy? This is the answer to this question by the Master of timeless wisdom, through E. Roerich: "The Fiery World has its expression under the name of psychic energy, so people will understand more clearly: everyone understands that something exists in it that is not present in the name's languages. "Fire burns, but does not create," people think, so first name to them psychic energy and only tell the developed consciousness of the Fire. "(E.Roerih, The Fiery World, part 3 , 440)

Since a human is part of the universe, he exchanges his psychic energy with other beings. Not only thoughts and emotions, but all the secretions of his body (saliva, sweat, urine, sexual juices, tears, etc.) carry precious psychic energy - the result of the processing of lower natural energies. It was always known, but people forgot. Modern scientists have already begun to investigate these processes.
Photo69 . Many orbs on a woman's hair
Photo 70. Orbs on a single hair, can be seen - the top contacts with it.
Photo71. Many orbs are formed and come out of a droplet of human saliva.
Photo 72. Set of orbs of different colors on human urine (in  the test-tube)
Photo 73. A woman with manifested extrasensory abilities involuntarily attracts plasmoids.
The esoteric texts describe this phenomenon in this way: "The depositions of psychic energy will be found, for each energy has a physical crystal." (E.Roerih, "Signs of Agni Yoga," 220).

Thus, the biochemists of the Research Laboratory for the Study of Psychic  Energy (NILIPE) studied the secretions of glands (saliva and tears) under various emotional states of a person. They found under the microscope the crystals formed in them.Morphological analysis of these visible structures in secretions revealed a correlation between the characteristic emotions and the corresponding forms of crystals. This confirms the fact that the finest psychic energies influence the consciousness and health of a person.  In particular, the higher the emotional state of a person before obtaining a sample of a drug from it, the more symmetrical were the branchings in the structure of various structures observed in saliva and tears. (Christ healed the man who was blinded with saliva, John 9: 1-38) (See И.М.Апкарова. «Поиск подходов к исследованию психической энергии: морфологический анализ выделений желез человека».
In our study, Photos 69-73 also show how the orbs actively interact with human psychic energy.

The fact that this is a scientific fact is also confirmed by studies made using the Kirlian method
(the method of xerox sputtering when exposed to an object by high-frequency currents). See Photo 74-78
Photographs of plasmoids discovered during the use of the Kirlian method
Photo 74. Plasmoids in the form of orbs in different stages are formed from the homeopathic granule (Tlakota 6) during the testing of the drug to the test
Photo 75. A plasmoid in the form of an orb is formed from the finger of a woman (Polka) who thinks about her soul. On the periphery of the orb one can see a bright luminous sphere.
Photo 76. A plasmoid is formed from a woman's finger (kiwi), thinking about her Spiritual guide. Plasmoid is in 2 stages, with a luminous point in the center.
Photo77 A plasmoid in the form of an orb is formed from the finger of a woman (Russian) thinking about her deceased cat. Plasmoid is in 3 stages of "separation" in two.
Photo78. A plasmoid in the form of a ripe orb in the 6-7 stage of ignition next to the finger of an intensely thinking man.
Many of the photographs obtained in this way revealed plasmoids in the form of orbs, demonstrating their developmental stages. Their appearance in all cases was a consequence of the active mental work performed by the subjects during the experiments with the psychologist. The examples shown here illustrate the formation of orbs with mental tension (mental activity), usually charged with strong emotional energy: thoughts about the deceased cat (Photo 72), about own soul (Photo 70), about own spiritual guide  (Photo 71), etc. Other photos of plasmoids on Kirlian prints, see here
In conclusion of this section, we emphasize. Tracing the process of the evolution of matter, (described in ancient esoteric texts), using the example of orbs-plasmoids, shows that this process is of a universal nature.

First of all, it is observed on orbs registered by different methods: a digital camera, a video camera and the Kirlian method. Secondly, this fact gives us the opportunity, using the Law of Analogies, to transfer the bridge to the argument about the evolution of the human being's evolution. After all, the human being is a compound formation, a matter-spirit that completely fits into the continuum and has the same ovoid shape as the orb (it is about the human etheric body, since the dense body is only precipitate, deposit and  sediment and disintegrates).

A human  has in his life, from the moment of conception, to the moment of physical withdrawal from a dense state, the same 7 stages of development that are apparently observable. These stages can not be avoided, they can only be realized and try to walk consciously. "We are doomed to development." Repeat their list:
The 1 stage. A newborn, an infant, a child, has an unmanifested potential core of "I".
The 2 stage. The beginning of one's own identification, when the natural natural egocentrism and egoism of the child makes the world revolve around it.
The 3 stage. Adolescence, when there is identification with the sex. Wake up to this "sleeping" energy of your own soul. Activation of their "sexual" life, including the search for their opposite, causing a battle of two polarities (male-female, good-evil, black-white, etc.)
The 4 stage. The search for an ever more frequent and effective finding of a balance between pairs of opposites leads all to greater self-realization, expansion of zones of vital activity, and "burning" with its own individual light.
The 5 stage. Involvement of this soul with its glow and physical activity of energy above, the energy of God, the energy of the cosmos, which gives the impetus to think about the "eternal", "beyond", possible reorientation of activity.
The 6 stage. The taken and assimilation of this new energy from the Single Source, the training of Its use, Its distribution to all Its vital aspects and attempts to move "with It" in one direction take place. This leads to a complete self-realization of the essence of a human  in this life. In particular, physically this leads to "transmutation of the centers," which, from the point of view of energy, is perceived as "perfect activity in every aspect of existence."
The 7 stage. Esoterically, the goal of the life incarnation is achieved and the "I" no longer fits in the form and in the circumstances in which it was born. "I" has teamed up with the Larger System to which it belongs. This is the "ignition", which inevitably leads to death, because the limit is reached. After physical death, a new form will be searched for the next passage of the same 7-step ladder.
To classify objects about which we know nothing and even call them only in еxternal form - it is possible only as an initial first approximation to the riddle, putting forward not even hypotheses, but only very cautious assumptions.

Unfortunately, we have to rely only on our own research, since the classifications presented on the Internet (Russian-language and English-speaking) do not have a scientific basis
Recognizing that modern science of the ether is in the "infant state", we will also follow the "children's" classification according to the external sign, since internal mechanisms are not yet available to us.
I. Classification by evolution stage, in which the plasmoid
Our study showed that irrespective of the equipment used, the observed spheroidal plasmoids are in one of 7 stages. See Photo1-78. This criterion still allows us to obtain the most information about their internal states.

We repeat these stages:
1. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of formation, has a "foggy" colorless appearance.
2. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of detection of internal fire, allows to observe the point of luminescence in the center - the "eye", which increases and moves to the periphery. There is some general glow and some unexpressed color.
3. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of polarization due to the activation of its own, inherent energy, which visually looks like dividing it in two. Some luminescence and some not expressed color.
4. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of stable dynamic equilibrium between pairs of opposite poles, which visually looks like a cruciform separation of it. Some luminescence and some not expressed color.
5. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of stimulation by its external additional force. Bright glow and bright concrete color, gravitating mainly to one of the 7 colors.
6. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of ignition, which visually looks like a rotating fire wheel ..
7. Plasmoid-orb in the stage of destruction of the outer shell, as a result of combustion or other causes. It visually looks like a bright clot of light-fire without a shell.
II. Classification by the color of the plasmoid-orb
Despite the seeming simplicity and clarity of this criterion, we emphasize the deep, cosmic meaning of colors and the process of coloring everything. According to esoteric sources, our Solar System is created by the Seven Great Entities, which are also called Form Builders. They have their own sound and color, and it is coloring - one of the most intimate and mysterious processes in the implementation and existence of any form of matter. These Great Beings are the Seven Rays of the Universe (Revelation 1:4).
In our case, the coloration of the plasmoids indicates that advanced stage of existence of the entity in the form, when it is exposed from the outside. This external force of the Single Source (the ternary and the septenary in nature) stimulates the plasmoid form to accelerate development precisely with color.

Only the deep egocentrism of people forces us to consider the colors of orbs from the point of view of the influence of the orb on man. Without regard to man, orbs endure a fantastic period of their existence, connection with the Supreme and thanks to His energy, they are painted in "their own" color.
The most that can be assumed in connection with a human is that some color plasmoid can interact with a person, attracted by a similar color. Since all forms of matter are created by these Rays, we with orbs are "brothers and sisters" in terms of color. If an orb needs vibrations of green color, then it can be attracted to a person who has an active green color at the moment, experiencing the impulse of cognition.

Ancient texts indicate that it is almost impossible to observe pure colors, they mix and create a fantastic number of shades. The pure glow of a colored orb can be observed rarely.
In our case, when analyzing images of orbs, we conclude that the staining takes place only in the 5th stage.

Let us point out once again these colors and possible behavior patterns of plasmoids.

1. Red plasmoid-orb, falls under the action of 1th Cosmic Ray and is preparing to get rid of its form as soon as possible, i.e. Moves on to the next stage 6;
2. The blue plasmoid-orb strengthens its magnetic forces and actively enters into relationships with any entities - "Not I". At the same time, he altruistically gives his light to everyone he touches. Action  of the 2th Cosmic Ray;
3. The yellow plasmoid-orb actively enters into a relationship with the "not I" in order to achieve balance and balance with them. This allows him to form triangles from an equilibrium pair, including generating new orb. Action of the 3th Cosmic Ray;

4. Orange plasmoid-orb demonstrates a special light of harmony and beauty within its form, to which it brings itself through conflict and struggle. Action of the 4th Cosmic Ray;
5. The green plasmoid-orb is busy cleaning its shape of everything superfluous, which leads to the crystallization of the form, bringing it to its own "truth." Action of the 5th Cosmic Ray;
6. The violet plasmoid-orb already realizes its form of "interfering" to move on, knows the further way and enters the stage of "crucifying oneself" in the name of the Greater System. Action of the 6th Cosmic Ray;
7. Deep dark blue-indigo color of the orbit-plasmoid. In this color, the essence inside the orb-plasmoid is already constructing its future form on the basis of combining the lights and the connection with the One. ction of the 7th Cosmic Ray;
III. Classification by size of plasmoid-orb
Based on the actual material, analysis of more than 1000 orbits, obtained independently by means of digital equipment, we have identified three groups of orbs conventionally on the basis of size. See Photo 79-83
Photo 79. Orb the size of a mountain. Orb in the second stage, the glowing "eye"
Photo80. Orbs of the most common size in different stages (in the temple).
Photo81 Small orbs on a stream of water in different stages, including in paired relations.
Photo82. A large orb in the first stage and a few small orbs simultaneously.
Photo83. A large orb with an "eye" on the periphery in 2 stages. On it is a small orb in the 4th stage of the "cross".
So far we have identified "large" orbs (Photo 79), medium, most common (Photo 80), and small ones (Photo81). We assume that at large magnifications orbs can also be detected under a microscope, and when analyzing cosmic photographs, huge orbs are found.

Regardless of the size, the orbs have the same 7 stages (the development of matter).

The following is also revealed:
1. Often, in the same situations, orbs of different sizes are observed simultaneously, for example, see Photo 82.
2. Cases of their interaction with each other have been identified, as, for example, in Photo 83.
3. There have been no cases of their transition from one size to another, which allows one to propose that they belong to different classes, according to a criterion that has not yet been determined.
Recommended literature.
1. VI Vernadsky,  Scientific thought, as a planetary phenomenon.
2. VP Kaznacheev,  Problems of living space space // Intellect of the planet as a cosmic phenomenon.
3.  M. Karpenko, Universum Sapiens (Universe Reasonable).
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8. A.Beilly. Treatise on cosmic fire.
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