Kirlian photos of love

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Kirlian photos of love

Photo 1. Energy clusters of the thought of love, going from heart to heart, obtained by shooting on various subjects Kirlian-apparatus Korona-TV. VP Anufriev and EI Anufrieva (1998-2016)
Photo 2. The arrows indicate the plasmoids next to the secondary image of little fingers (after computer processing)
VP Anufriev and EI Anufrieva (1998-2016)
Photo 3. Fragment of the diagnostic table K.Korotkov, confirming that the clusters are fixed by the device in the heart sectors and on the right and left little fingers
According to the esoteric texts, love is electrical in nature and is based on attraction or repulsion of bipolar objects.

It concerns absolutely everything in the Universum: from the atom, to the Galaxies.
Each space object has a pair.Moreover, the search for such a pair is one of the most important tasks of any being (according to the Creator's Plan).The whole Universum is bipolar. For example, the constellation of the Pleiades is negatively charged (the female aspect), and the Constellation of the Great Bear is positively charged (the male aspect), which is why the oldest myths plainly state that the Earth was born from their conjugal union.

"Only as a result of balancing pairs of opposites and achieving harmony inevitably comes pralaya" (Tibetan, Treatise on the cosmic fire).

Love (Wisdom) - the Second Cosmic Ray, - is the main one on our planet Earth. Bipolarity - in its essence - is the mechanism of creation, creativity and evolution of all living things.

And for a person it is the ability to cognize what the "not-I" is. So we all learn to leave our own selfishness, serve our beloved person, family, country, humanity, God.

Love is electricity

But we do not know what electricity is. What is its nature? Why is the world bipolar? This mystery has not yet been revealed to people, because the clue lies in the atomic energy and the understanding of the ether. Early. Thanks to the Creator for allowing us to use fire, electricity and in a childlike way (yet) to control the processes of radioactivity (not understanding their nature). Otherwise, our life would be very difficult. Because of the savagery and egoism of a person, the recognition and, accordingly, the use of the ether energy was blocked from above.

Only in the last century some scientists "allowed" to carry out research in this area.
Their names are widely known - the Curie couple, Ya.O. Narkevich-Iodko, N. Tesla, V.Nekrasov,
J. W. KeelyS.D. and V.Kh. Kirlian, etc. Interest in their discoveries is growing.
Using Kirlian's technique, for example, we manage to see what happens on the subtle, etheric planes at a time when one person thinks of another with love.

First, his whole aura increases, becomes more harmonious and healthy and literally begins to glow.
Secondly, from its aura start to separate luminous plasmoids of beautiful harmonious form, similar to stars or flowers (see Photo below).


Part one
For the first time these effects were noted by V.P. Anufriev and EI. Anufrieva - a Russian married couple - who in 1998-2013 investigated the influence of thoughts as the highest manifestation of a person's mental activity.

They conducted experiments on the transmission of the thought of love at a distance (Moscow-Yekaterinburg) using the Kirlian apparatus, the design of K. Korotkov (the diagnostic software and hardware complex "Korona-TV").
An energy cluster of thought was formed from the heart of the operator. Also, an instant reception of the sent thought was recorded by another person (recipient). See Photo 1.2.

The spouses also conducted experiments with the IMC RAS ( Federal State Budgetary Institute of Science Institute of the Human Brain them. N.P. Bekhtereva Russian Academy of Sciences) to study the process of creative thinking activity. An energy cluster of thought was formed from the heart of the operator.
They found that even the simplest forms of creativity, such as, for example, solving problems or composing a short story from the proposed set of words, the ctivate brain centers. But the most surprising is that the
luminosity of radiations in the heart area is increased.

When a person meditates thoughtfully, the circulation of
psychic energy is amplified in him, which is clearly confirmed by the devices of Kirlian.

This is reflected in the images of people's bodies aura. The sent thought turned out to be fixed in the heart sector of the left little finger of the operator. The accepted thought is fixed in the heart of the right little finger of the recipient. See Photo 3. A fragment of the table confirming that the clusters are fixed by the device in the heart sectors and on the right and left little fingers.
Procedure of the study. Initially, the The initial state of the patient's initial condition was registered. Then the state when the subject sent a certain thought to the subject  was registered. After that, the result of the "aftereffect" was registered.  The experiment consisted in that the operator sent a pure thought of love (not an image) to a recipient who was at a considerable distance from him. Initially, the experiments were conducted at a distance of Moscow - Ekaterinburg - it is more than 1800 km.

As a result of experiments, it was first discovered that the thought of love (not an image)  of love, going from heart to heart, can be detected by the apparatus in the form of a separate energy cluster initially allocated as a plasmoid and only later reflected on the monitor.  Similar images were obtained by these researchers on many subjects for several years.

Such energy clusters (plasmoids) come from people who are cordial and benevolent, from lovers, from nursing mothers. And the cluster that has separated from the heart is similar in voltage to the basic aura radiation, which can be clearly seen on the prints.

Researchers Anufrievs have established that the emergence of an energy cluster of the sent thought occurs instantaneously, in a flash.
For the thought of love, there are no distances and obstacles. The cluster was registered for a second regardless of the distance between objects. An "Fuel" for this kind of mental work is the all-encompassing  psychic energy.

Its important and essential feature is divisibility (share). The universal fiery active stream of  psychic energy.can share and continue its purposeful work, as a result of conscious human activity. In this case, the mass and  strength  of psi energy does not decrease and its  characteristics do not change. In the described experiments of Anufrievs, from the fact that clusters of love have separated, love itself has not diminished in people. On the contrary, such conscious spiritual work can only increase individual (under the conditipsychic energy (on of "pure thought of love").

These experimentally confirmed results instill in every person the hope for peace in the soul. There are many situations where the object of love is in an unattainable physical location (abroad, in prison, "disappeared", died, etc.). There is a widespread situation of "love triangle", "undivided love." There are situations when the object of love hates you, etc. In all these cases, you have a simple accessible means - the message of "pure soap of love". This immediately stops the struggle and suffering within you, makes you stronger, "heals" the space around you.
Now we know:

In the described works of Anufrievs:
1. The electromagnetic nature of thought was proved experimentally.
2. Confirmed the position of esoteric psychology that psi-energy is divisible, and yet it does not decrease in the operator.
3. Confirmed the position of esoteric psychology, that mental energy reaches the addressee instantaneously, regardless of distance.
4. The position of esoteric psychology has been confirmed, that the sent mental energy reaches the addressee and receives a response also instantaneously, in the form of plasmoids (clusters from the plasma). Details of the Anufriev's experiment can be found here

Deciphering the thoughts between lovers

Part two
Photo 4. Block diagram of distant plasmography (according to V. Bondarev)
Photo 5. Kirlian - the fingerprint of a man A. male, 65 L., Russian, - normal. 1.Contact and 2.Distance (field) - in the norm. The top image is negative. The bottom image is positive.
In New Zealand, in Auckland, between 2014-2016, The experiment of Anufrievs was repeated, but on another Kirlian apparatus - Auroscope (S.Mosyagina). In addition to contact metering, there was also a method of  MONOPULSE PLASMAGRAPHY: NEW TRENDS IN BIOENERGETIC RESEARCH OF MAN (V.Bondarev,,,   see Photo 4).  Reports on the experiments of E.Smirnova (Dubova)  csn be read in more detail by reference.

Our technology has allowed to get more impressive and visual results of the electromagnetic nature of love. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the new applied technique allows you to see what is happening in the subtle plans of the ether, in the field next to the object. Such pictures are called distant.
In accordance with our hypothesis - contact fingerprints reflect the etheric body (a duplicate of the physical), and distant (field) - the vital soul of the psyche (its vital, inferior aspect). The higher level of the soul's work is spiritual, we have not deciphered yet.
For example, you can see the Kirlian-fingerprints of a man (Photo 5), made in a quiet state, without a focused thought about anything.

Photographs of prints under number 1 - were obtained as a result of contact application of the finger to the recording surface. Photographs of prints under number 2 - "field prints ", they formed on the recording surface, located at some distance from the body.

They, in fact, reflect some radiation in the air. The technique gives images of prints in the negative. For clarity, we translated them into a true positive image (in Photo 5 - these are the bottom pictures showing really who we really are - glowing creatures in the black abyss of the cosmos.

We conducted  three series of experiments to study the electromagnetic character of the interaction between people by the method of kirlianography. In the first series, the relationship with the object of love was studied in absentia (31 people). In the second series - in the presence of each other (14 pairs). In the third series it was suggested to think about the dead people (16 people).

In the studies, ordinary people participated, without special training, without the ability to separate pure thought from its emotional impurities. Therefore, at the thought of another living creature, Kirlian prints were obtained, reporting the mixed form of work of mental and emotional energies. We did not have the criteria for their differentiation.
As a result of our (and the Anufriev's experiments described above), the physical result was the same - the appearance of plasmoids-clusters of love.
Photo 6. Kirlian-fingerprint of female operator L, 53, New Zealander, thinks about her son; 1. Contact fingerprint; 2. Distant.
But in our experiments these plasmoids had a different form, localization and saturation, which allows us to partially decode the information of the thought going from one person to another.
The first series of experiments. We studied the relationship with the object of love, which was far away (sometimes in another country).

In fact, this kind of interaction can be attributed to the telepathic, since according to the hypothesis of the interaction of thought form in the ether, the signal sent by the operator is instantly perceived by the recipient, and also an instant response is sent to them (presumably automatically and often unconsciously).
In the beginning, as a rule, a two-layer (contact and remote) measurement of the fingerprint of the test subject in the initial state was made (see Photo 5). Then the operator, represented another person (the object of his love), imagining that he was physically concerned.

The purpose of the experiment is to understand the nature of their relationship by the message that will come in electromagnetic form.
Photo 7. Kirlian - the fingerprint of the operator of the woman L, 53, New Zealander, when she thinks of her daughter.
The following are examples of the most typical results. At Photo 6. the woman L operator is thinking about her son. From the prints it can be seen that the energy of both the etheric and the vital bodies of a woman is in a good, safe form.

Both pictures show the norm, harmony. No deformation, ruptures and other formations were detected. It was concluded that the relationship with his son was safe. The operator (woman mother), confirmed that they have excellent, healthy relationships and they are happy with them. Apparently, the idea of love, connecting mother and son, was pure (from emotion) character.

The same woman L, 53, sent the thought of love then to her daughter. The results turned out to be different, see Photo 7.
The contact Kirlian imprint (1) showed a weakened aura at the moment of sending the thought of love (in comparison with its form in the previous measurement) in Photo 6
It turned out that her daughter is 22 years old, has problems with pregnancy, is in the hospital and the mother is trying to help her, how can, worried. On the vital print (2) a heart shape appeared and next to another large plasmoid, similar to the fingerprint of a person, on which dactyloscopic lines are viewed. The arrow indicates the relationship of two fingerprints, which goes through the mammary glands of the mother to the daughter, according to a fragment of the sector on the scheme of the lids of her finger - the right little finger (indicated by a double arrow).

Another similar case, see
Photo 78 (on the other page of this website). Another mother thought about her pregnant daughter. The future grandmother is very worried and at the same time happily anticipates this event. On the remote field print the image of the baby was revealed. The figure shows that the thought directed to the daughter by the operator was loaded with emotions, i.e. Astral matter was imprinted, closer to the physical, which consists of images and energy of emotions.

The following examples relate to relationships with sexual partners.

We remind you that, according to our hypothesis, an individual vital (animal) soul is printed on the remote image - the psyche and its information (message). The shape of this imprint and the presence of other formations are of an electromagnetic nature and carry a semantic load.

Most tests of relationships with other emotionally significant people - reveals a similar situation with the experiences of the Anufrievs' spouses, namely, the occurrence of plasmoids (clusters) in the heart sector (according to the table of Chinese meridians). See photo 8-9
Photo 8.  The operator - woman D., 66 years old, New Zealander, healer with strong and bright personal energy. Sent the thought of love to her beloved. On the contact picture of her Kirlian fingerprint number 1 (negative), number 2 (positive) - revealed its physical presence in the form of a dense ball of light from the left above (indicated by an arrow) 3. On the vital Kirlian-print - two merged prints (two people ?) in the shape of a heart. The bending of the heart is oriented strictly to the sector of the meridian of the heart, as shown in the fragment of the diagram.
Photo 9. The operator is a woman M, 52 years old, a New Zealander, thinking about her husband whom she loves. 1.Contact Kirlian-fingerprint (negative) is normal; 2. The distant imprint (negative) is somewhat weakened, but a "cluster of love" in the form of a star and a small figure of an angel (bird) with flying below the plasmoids are revealed near the heart sector (upper right is increased). The zone of the heart meridian sector on the finger (the fragment of the table is on the lower right side).
In addition to these results, similar to those obtained by Anufrievs, we had other unusual images. Approximately 20% of cases in this series appeared the Effect of double prints on distant (field images), see, for example, Photo 10-11. From the point of view of physics, this is not yet possible. In terms post-materialistic science - you can. Both prints refer to a subtle etheric plane in which space and time exist differently.

These "Mystic double fingerprints" appeared in the studies at the moment when the subject put his finger on the recording surface of the Kirlian apparatus and thought intensely about another person whom he loved. Often he sent him his love, or just thinking about "how much he loves him." On his physical contact print one of his impressions appears, and on the field - (a print of the psyche soul) - doubled, and often in the form of a heart.
Photo 10. Kirlian-fingerprint of woman S., 62, who thinks about her husband. 1. The contact imprint is normal; 2. Distant - in the form of the heart, with two halves (negative).
Photo 11. Kirlian-fingerprint of a young woman, W. 22, New Zealander, who thinks about her lover, believes that he is "her other half." 1. The contact imprint is normal; 2. Distant - with two halves (negative)
It is logical to assume that this is just a field imprint of the soul of the second person about whom he thinks. The hypothesis fully explains the simultaneous presence in the ether of our souls (all people) and the connection of all of us through the World Soul - anima mundi. According to the philosophical views of antiquity (Pythagoras, Plato, Timaeus of Locri, Aristotle and the entire Alexandrian school), the individual soul is connected with the universal World soul - anima mundi, which was represented as having a subtle, fiery, etheric nature, spread throughout the universe.

Not always prints reflect well-being in the relationship between the operator and the person to whom he sends his love.
When investigating the relationships of couples of people who are in love relationships, sometimes a distant imprint of a form different from the norm was revealed. We give a typical case.
The woman N. 44 years old, has no children, was not married and has a family theme, apparently, as an overvalued idea. Being a sincere, warm person, she tries to help everyone, she considers her slogan: "To love the whole world!", See Photo 12. She, together with her partner, did the testing to find out information about herself. But, as they were present side by side, actively interfering in the mood of each other and commenting on the process, we will consider the results of their measurements, also from the point of view of the relations.
When the fingers of her partner were measured, fingerprints appeared that indicated his physical and emotional well-being. On the contrary,  her (N.,) both prints showed an imbalance of energy.  The contact fingerprint of her finger was deformed, resembling a heart in shape (in accordance with her vital slogan?). And the distant Kirlian imprint of the vital soul is more than half empty - without glow (also in accordance with her slogan?).
Photo 12. Kirlian-fingerprints of a woman H.44 years old, New Zealander, has no children, was not married, makes measurements in the presence of her partner, with whom she lives. She would like to know just information about herself. I. Top shots: 1. The contact imprint looks like a deformed heart shape; 2. Distant imprint is only partially present. II. Bottom pictures after the Instructions on the Soul: 1. The contact imprint came back to normal; 2. Distant imprint came back to normal. The vital energy was restored.
She was shown her Kirlian fingerprints. There was a discussion. The psychologist hypothesized that she lost her etheric (physical) and emotional (emotional energy) during her relationship with this man. N., indeed, agreed that she completely refuses "from her self," for the sake of relations. This topic was emotional for her, she began to cry, realizing that she was losing vital energy in her relationships with people.

She was offered an Instruction on the Soul: "At the time of the experiment, think about your soul, concentrate on its tasks and goals."

Instruction on the soul - the psychological method of E. Smirnova (Dubova). The subject at the time of the Kirlian measurements should include an active awareness of the situation, make a decision about the desired changes in their attitude towards the world and focus on their Soul.

It is a remarkable fact that none of the several hundred subjects to whom this instruction was offered asked the clarifying questions: everyone knew that he had a soul, knew it and knew where it was located, but until this experiment, as a rule, did not enter with Her into direct contact.

Having calmed down, N. decided to change the situation, concentrated on her soul and her tasks.
Secondary measurements were made. They showed that her performance was normal. N. herself received a large influx of energy and went into high spirits, see Photo 12 - II.
The thought of love is charged with the strongest and purest of all the electricity - which strengthens the good in the human aura and weakens all that is harmful. But it is necessary that in the aura of the recipient there is something that can vibrate in response. If the thought of love does not find a response - it returns to the operator.

It remains a problem for ordinary people, far from psychological trainings and spiritual practices, to separate pure thought from emotional and imaginative personalities.
Kirlian photos of the relationship between lovers
Part three
Previously, we described the results of studies of the Anufrievs' spouses who used Korotkov's Korona TV apparatus. This device does not allow making contact full-time double measurements. Our apparatus Auroscope has advantages for carrying out such kind of research of thought activity. First, it allows you to do simultaneous pair measurements of two people who put their fingers on one surface. Secondly, it allows one-time tracking of the process on distant, field shots.
Compatibility studies on Kirlian apparatus with simultaneous application of two fingers to one recording surface of two fingersof two people have already been carried out by some researchers (Russian and foreign). A detailed review of these studies can be found in the book by Smirnova (Dubova). Psy energy and kirlianografy Life of soul . But no one before us did such work, examining the field's subtle ethereal plan. The French doctor I.Baradyuk tried to do something like this more than 100 years ago. In one of his experiments, he instructed three people to think simultaneously about their сlose ties with each other. In the photographs, he received a wavy band. Also, when the tested experienced deep sadness, then in the photographs it was reflected by a strong vortex
The second series of experiments allowed us to begin to study the interaction of people in their physical presence side by side (internally).
In our case, 14 pairs were tested. In most cases, the initiator of testing was a woman. The pair was given the following instruction: "Place the little fingers opposite each other at a distance of 1 cm and try to think about each other." The right little finger was used more often, but studies were also conducted with other fingers.
Photo 13. Husband and wife simultaneously do Kirlian test.
At Photo 13 - a typical pair Kirlian-measuring spouses. Contact Kirlian-imprint, shows a favorable distribution of energies. Her husband is K., 43 (European), his wife is F. 40 years old. (Filipina).

It is useful to observe that the physical area of the fingertips is 1 cm apart, but this is only visual (the upper photo is Photo13). In fact, there is no distance between the bodies, different fields interpenetrate one another, i.e. Also are in direct contact via the air (the bottom photo is Photo 13).

In this series of experiments, we received a lot of information not only about the relationship of different fields, but also about the presence of various essences (entity) of the subtle world, which appear in the form of plasmoids both on contact prints and on distant ones.

A unique experience was obtained by examining the prints of the two little fingers of the ex-married couple J and N., see Photo 14. After living together for years, they divorced, then lived separately, and now live together again. They said that they rethought the attitude to love and now understand it as divine (and not personal energy). At the time of the experiment, they were offered the instruction: "Send each other this divine love." On the contact Kirlian-print of two fingers of a man and a woman, a new formation appeared-the third imprint of a large plasmoid, comparable to the finger of a human being with a body. The streamers (beams) of this plasmoid have the character of an independent (and not reflected) glow (not needle-like, but undulating).
The following are some typical Kirlian fingerprints of pairs, indicating a favorable, rather symmetrical relationship.
Photo 15 shows a dynamic energy connection between the newlyweds. During the test, the young couple was with the girl's parents. All confirmed the harmonious and enthusiastic period of the newlyweds.

Examples are also given of fingerprints of adult couples who already have the experience of living together and have learned not to lose their "spiritual autonomy", to assert their own independence, see, for example, Photo 16.
Photo 14. Contact kirlian-fingerprint fingers of the little fingers of a married couple: husband J (49 years old) and wife N (52g.). The arrow shows a new formation - a large plasmoid comparable to the size of a person's finger, similar to a flower that appeared at the moment of thinking of love for each other. 1. - negative, 2 positive.
Photo 15. Young partners, male W.18., Female Q.18 liter. - in the honeymoon. On the left, the paired contact imprint is fairly harmonious. On the right, the pairwise distant image is fairly harmonious, showing a close energy connection between people. Streams of light literally fill the individual etheric boundary of each of the subjects.
Photo 16. Couple, partners, male A. 65 years old, female A.62. On the left, the paired contact Kirlian imprint is rather harmonious. On the right, the pairwise distant image is fairly harmonious, two plasmids are visible between them in 1 cm zone - "love classics".
A typical harmonious pair result of two adults, in which there are "clusters of love" on a distant print, see Photo 17. This couple was invited to pray or meditate together (as they usually do). As a result, on the distant (field) photos the same plasmoids as clusters of love (from the Anufrievs) were obtained.
The test subjects did not carry out preparatory work on understanding different kinds of love (pure thought of love or mixed with emotions and images). In this series, they were "as is", agreeing to an experiment on compatibility and implying by default that they are exploring their love.
As a result, in the overwhelming number of cases, we detected on the distant recording surface reflecting the psyche (vital part of the soul) - clusters of love in the form of various shapes and sizes of plasmoids, see, for example, Photo 18. of a married couple.
Like most couples with experience of living together, their vital souls are normally self-sufficient (autonomous).
Photo 17. On the left is a contact Kirlian imprint, on the right is a distant (field) Kirlian-imprint of two fingers of little fingers. The married couple S (65 years) and D (62 g.) Joint meditation OM.
Photo 18. Married couple. Husband N, 60, wife L, 55. The left contact fingerprint shows that the woman's physical aura is deformed and is oriented towards the man (indicated by an arrow). The physical energy and emotional background of a man is more self-sufficient, but the presence of two "bubbles" indicates an intensified mental action, which usually happens when one thinks of some person (indicated by an arrow). On the right, a distant imprint of thin bodies shows that the shape of their vital bodies is completely self-sufficient, but a "cluster of love" has emerged from the man in the form of a hexagonal spark star from light, and there are also two more plasmids. The etheric imprint of a woman has a perfectly clear shape in the form of a circle Ball), it is surrounded by 6 large plasmoids.
Part four
Kirlianography gives a lot of such information, which the psychologist can point to the direction of work with the couple. As an example, we will give a picture of hidden ill-being in a relationship.

On the photos presented in Photo 19. Kirlian-prints of a pair of young partners, the shapes of the bodies look clear, decorated, autonomous and, at first glance, safe. However, on distant Kirlian-prints the radiation of vital souls is very weak. The physical fields on the contact picture in zone 1 sm are also shortened
Photo 19. Kirlian-fingerprints of a young couple. Male S, 28 L, female R, 25 liters. The initiator of the testing was a girl. The young man was slightly distracted. On the left, the contact prints of the pair are weak, especially in the "1 cm zone". There are bubbles in the imprint of the man, indicating his intense thoughts, as is usually the case when thinking about a certain person (he then confessed to the experimenter that he was thinking of another person).
On the right - distant prints of the pair have very weak radiation, only contour, as if the bodies extinguish each other's energy.
The physical body of the man is no longer oriented toward the partner, it is expressed even in the way he put the finger, which "looks away." On ethereal prints, there are no "clusters of love".
On Photo 19. a situation has emerged when the couple is ready for a break. Indeed, a month later the young man broke off relations with the girl. The girl did not suspect that the young man was ready to leave, but her body already knew this, showing weak impressions of the vital body of the soul.

The described case shows how it happens when the physical contact Kirlian-prints of two people look quite safe and compatible, but the field distant pictures show that not everything is as good in their soul relations, see also Photo 20. and 21.
Photo 20. Kirlian-fingerprints of a married couple. Male X, 65L, female U, 61 L. On the left are contact prints, quite safe, despite some physical problems in the woman's body (indicated by an arrow). On the right is a distant imprint of the pair. Despite a good direct fingerprint (physical and emotional state), on the ethereal plane the man is almost "absent", especially in the zone 1 cm apart. On the contrary, the "vital clusters of love" emanate from the vital body of a woman.
Photo 21. Fingerprints of partners, male G, 26L, female J, 24. At the left, fingerprints of the pair show a breakdown in the energy of a woman, indicated by an arrow. On the right is a distant fingerprint of the pair. Two prints are completely autonomous, there are no streamers and clusters of love. From the vital imprint of the girl, a light thread emanates, as if signifying an additional plasmoid spot that is superimposed on its imprint.
On Photo 20. one can suspect disequilibrium relations, however, the state of a man could be affected, for example, by overwork. Usually, in order to make a conclusion, additional information and additional research are needed. Nevertheless, as our convincing experiments have shown, it is sufficient to have a conversation with a person and offer him the Instruction on the Soul to immediately restore the vital imprint.
Another example is interesting, presented in Photo 21. The initiator of the experience of "clarifying real relationships" was a young man. The girl did not show much interest in the topic (which is a rarity, usually in 99% of cases it is the woman who initiated the measurements). The girl also did not reveal special benevolence toward the man and even criticized him for his increased interest in sex. On the contact prints it is seen that the girl's right little finger has a break in the centimeter zone. On the field fingerprint, an additional plasmoid spot around the girl's finger was revealed. The experimenter tried to attract the girl to attempts to explain the nature of this plasmoid. Maybe this is a flow of energy coming from the heart of the right little finger (according to the scheme of the meridians?). The girl categorically rejected any mention of heart feelings and made it clear that their relationship was more mundane.
In addition to completely understandable information, easily interpreted by a psychologist, the Kirlian method reveals "mystical" signs that are difficult to explain from the point of view of physics. As an example, we will point out the line of separation that occurs occasionally. See Photos 22 and 23.
Photo 22. The separation line appeared on the contact picture. The married couple, husband V. 47 l, wife K, 44 g. They live together for 25 years, have two adult children (son and daughter). Left - contact Kirlian-prints, on the right - distant.
Photo 23. The separation line appeared on the distant picture.  Married couple, husband G. 57, wife K, 58. Left - contact Kirlian-prints, on the right - distant. Between them lay a barrier. In general, the state of the etheric bodies does not radiate harmoniously.
Part five
A series of experiments was conducted to investigate the Kirlian prints at the moment of thinking about the deceased loved ones. This idea was submitted by the subjects themselves. The experimenters suggested that when using a two-layer technique, while concentrating on the image of the deceased beloved being, the form of the vital imprint of the soul may not exist, as thought is carried to the nonphysical world.

However, it turned out that field prints
appear in a variety of forms and carry a lot of information that the subject perceives as a "message" from the one whose soul he thinks.
The results that we obtained with the help of our unique methodology allowed us to touch the stories of endless love that exists between the souls of people living here in a dense physical world and there - "in a different world." In all 100% of cases, when thinking of the departed - a beloved relative, spouse or pet - appeared "messages" in the form of plasmoids, which had the form of flowers, stars, angels and even the initials of those who died. For more details, see the page
Kirlian-messages of the deceased.

In this article we will offer only a few pictures of Kirlian prints of those who stayed here on earth, but who did not forget those who left "for another world".
In the photo 24. the woman thought with love of her husband, who died 20 years ago. What she saw on her Kirlian-prints, she took it like a message from the soul of a loved one. She admitted that she was shocked when she saw these images, as if she had touched another world.
Photo 24. Woman N, 62 g. (Russian), sent a "pure thought" of love to the soul of her husband, who died at the age of 42 from heart failure. It was 20 years ago, but the emotional connection remained. The contact Kirlian imprint revealed the etheric essence in the form of a star, with the body inside. Between her and the Kirlian-fingerprint of a woman's finger is a dividing spiral line; 2. A remote Kirlian-snapshot revealed two fingerprints, one of which looks like an imprint of living people (luminous dots), and the second impression looks different, has streamers-rays of light; To the right in the sector of the heart (according to the work of the meridians) certain letters in which the initials of the deceased person "K" are repeated are also indicated by an arrow; 3. The essence in the positive, as a cluster of light.
Photo 25. Female F., 38 years old (New Zealander). Sends an "pure thought"  to her husband, who died tragically 2 years ago, and, from her words, he was a "good man". 1. The contact image revealed a favorable glow of her finger (reflecting her good physical well-being). But over the Kirlian fingerprint, two independent energetic formations, - plasmoids, - having bodies appeared. The woman perceived them as angels sent by her husband. 2. The distant picture is weak. The woman's soul is in a depressed state, depressed, therefore, probably, her vital soul is not quite "here".
One can only assume what the nature of these independent entities (from plasma) is in both cases. Devas? Angels? Photos of other appearances of such entities can be viewed here. However, the very fact of the dialogue with the deceased, although not verbal, but with the language of light, the electromagnetic language - can be considered a fact. And this fact shakes our imagination!

Look again at Photo 5, which shows Kirlian-fingerprints of a person in a normal and calm state, without focused thoughts. Compare them with other photos of Kirlian fingerprints that appear at the time of the intensified thought of another beloved being. The difference is obvious: there are noticeable changes in the form of fingerprints and new formations from the plasma. The experimenters only put forward hypotheses about their nature. But the facts take place and require close attention of researchers.
Thus, thanks to our technique (Kirlian method using remote plasmography), it was possible to reveal the field of information hidden before this. According to our hypothesis, the field Kirlian fingerprints, reflecting the energy exchange on the etheric plane, is the life of the soul (its vital part is psyche). Kirlian prints show a diverse picture, give a lot of information for reflection and are in fact a field for scientific research, especially in psychology.
A bright page in research is the theme of love. Love reveals itself as a basic powerful energy, present everywhere where the subject under test turns to the "not I" mentally. It can be another person, an animal, a plant, God, saints, etc.
1. Investigations of the love energy of the spouses Anufriev and E. Smirnova (Dubova) - proved that any thought - is electromagnetic in nature.
2. Thought-forms directed towards other people produce certain effects that are partially reproduced on the Kirlian print of the exposed, enhancing or weakening its vital activity, or even by isolating clusters from the plasma.
3.The psychological side of this phenomenon is revealed in the fact that with the intentional premise of any thought of love, it instantly reaches the addressee, and will search for any opportunity for the service and its protection. More effective is the pure thought of love and the desire to protect, it remains in its aura as a protective shield. Because pure thought is devoid of emotions, it is purified, it is faster, stronger and more mobile, because it belongs to the higher subtle worlds.
4. The peculiarities of the thought of love are such that it manifests its strength and action even when it arises involuntarily. And by blindly following the impulse given to it, it will strengthen the friendly forces that affect the aura and weaken the hostile forces.
5. There was an amazing characteristic of the nature of love - its divisibility, without losses. Ie, the more you love, the more you have spiritual strength and energy! In particular, this is proved by the appearance of formations from the plasma, which are separated from the lover.
6. Confirmed information confirming the knowledge of the ancients, that lovers attract to themselves beings from the subtle worlds that have their own luminous body, usually winged, star-shaped or like flowers-forms.
Kirlian-technique of two-layer distant plasmography reveals a large layer of previously hidden information, what really happens on other planes of life between people. The technique can be used as a psycho-diagnostic. But, it must be emphasized that kirlianography is a very sensitive technique. The result that the experimenter receives may not be repeated in the next measurement. Any interpretation of mental health problems or compatibility based on kirlianography is only permissible after repeated repetition (and preferably other hardware methods). In our practice, in the case of disharmonious pictures, the experimenter involved the couple in the discussion, not giving an opinion, but only suggested making repeated measurements by changing the mood.
Е.Smirnova (Dubova)
2014-2017гг.  New Zealand-Russia
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