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According to the views of the ancients, all souls of people are interconnected always and everywhere, regardless of whether it is a living person or he left "for another world".

For example, Pythagoras, Plato, Timaeus of Locri, Aristotle and the philosophers of the entire Alexandrian school, were sure that the individual soul of each person is connected with the universal world soul - anima mundi, which has a subtle, fiery, etheric nature and is distributed throughout the universe.

We can add that the experiments of some researchers of the last 30-40 years confirm that the human soul is of an electromagnetic nature (also fiery), which makes it possible to track its vital activity by means of equipment (for example, using the Kirlian technique).

This article presents photographs of Kirlian prints obtained during psychological experiments on the study of thought.

The work was carried out in the period 2014-2016. (New Zealand-Russia). In one of the series of experiments, subjects were asked to think about deceased creatures (at their choice).

The results were overwhelming. In all 100% of cases, on the recording surface of the Kirlian apparatus, not only the fingerprints of the test subjects, but also often one more creature were found.

And in some cases, alongside the imprint, images of a cluster of plasma (plasmoids) that have meaningful images, or similar to winged angels, appear on flowers and stars. Very mysterious were the images of the initials of the deceased or even writing (also from the plasma). All these subjects were treated as messages "from another world". Often the subjects themselves deciphered them.
We live in a transitional period. The Earth changes its position in the starry sky. In mankind the race is changing. Such a period is characterized by a change in the surrounding physical world. The veil between our dense world and subtle worlds is thinning out and will soon disappear, - so those who knew the future wrote about our time more than 100 years ago.

Only so far it is possible to explain the results of our experiments. Hypothetically.
In accordance with the post-materialistic science paradigm, the soul of the deceased is immortal, continues to dwell in other more subtle layers of the ether, literally "goes to another world." Connections with the living are possible through their souls. Souls and living people, and those who left the world of another, are in one "place" - on the air. They interact not according to the laws of the physical dense two-dimensional world (space and time), but according to the laws of multidimensionality. This is not news for psychologists, that the psyche is multidimensional. About this more than 100 years ago still said A. Bergson. But the problem is to throw the bridge in logical reasoning and in psychological research between the multidimensional psyche and the two-dimensional world of space and time, recognizing these phenomena as belonging to the same continuum of life.

Currently, open works in the field of posthumous life are conducted, but very timidly. Still, great value for us are clairvoyant reports.
Photo 1. Two thought forms of two different people at the funeral of their beloved person. On the right is a person in a personal grief, on the left - a person understands the place of death in the Universum. (A. Besant, C. Ledbier, Thoughtforms (with illustrations), Adyar, 1978, Thoughtforms, edition 9th, Figure 34)
This is how the thought forms of two different people look during a funeral about a loved one who has left for another world, a man.

The clairvoyant sketched the thought forms in colors to convey their fullness, see Photo 1.

On Photo 1. on the right - a blurred thought form of gray color, similar to a creature with a tail from hell. He put his tail in the coffin to the body and hugs him. The tail is an expression of a strong selfish desire to bring a dead person back into physical life. Most Christians would call this entity "demon." But this is a thought form, an artificial elemental, a product of a man in grief, despair, horror, despondency, deep depression. This - and the fear of his death, and selfishness, and self-pity life without a loved one.
It is the ignorance of the thinking person about the super-physical existence and laws of life that forms this vague gray cloud of the thought form.

Unlike this gray creature, on the left in Photo 1. we see a completely different image, a multicolored cone directed upwards towards the Creator, surrounded by stars of the cosmos, harmoniously aligned and colored.

This is the thought form of the second person, who also loved the departed. But in his picture of the world there is knowledge about the great laws of nature that govern our life. This thought-form is created in the highest and most beautiful senses. The multicolored harmonious and clear gamma of this thought form expresses deep sympathy for the remaining ones, love for the dead, and for the living. The shape of the cone and the stars speak of thinking about death, their religious aspect, noble ideals, and the spiritual aspirations that these reflections evoke. The presence of yellow color indicates the attitude of a person to what is happening, based on the intellectual perception of the situation.

In the second case, we see how knowledge changes the thought form and the whole environment of the subtle world around man. Instead of grim anguish during the burial, on the contrary, there is a certainty that there is a world of life and light that can be known to us as clearly, fully and in detail as this physical world in which we live now.
Photo 2. Kirlian-fingerprints of a woman, Ya., Russian, 48, at the moment when she thinks about her deceased mother. 1. Snapshot pin; 2. Distant (many points of light). Positive. Both prints look safe, balanced.
In the series of photos presented here, you can see many points of light in remote field shots.
Photo 3. Kirlian-fingerprints of a woman, K., Chinese, 52 g, thinks of her deceased mother; 1. Snapshot pin; 2. Distant (many points of light). Both look prosperous, balanced. The arrow marks the second aura of the soul.
In our studies during the Kirlian measurements of the fingers of people thinking about the deceased person, these two trends also emerged: bright, full of hope, knowledge and sadness, longing for concern.

Examples of a light relationship to care loved person  in the "different world," a post-death world , see Photo 2-4.
It is necessary to say a few words about the applied research technology. We used the
Kirlian technique, which causes the glow effect of objects at high voltage of the high-frequency field in its modified version - distant plasmography (V.Bondarev, see here the scheme). As the equipment used Kirlian-apparatus Auroscope (S.Mosyagin, Ауроскоп (С.Мосягина). Reports on the experiments of E. Smirnova (Dubova) can be read in more detail by reference in English and in Russia.

The procedure involves the use of two recording surfaces. The finger is put on the top (a contact print is obtained). The second lower surface, located at a distance and separated by a dielectric, produces a distant imprint. On this second surface, only the radiation falls in the electric discharge, that's why it gives the opportunity to see what is happening in the thin planes of the ether, inля примера можно посмотреть кирлиан-отпечатки людей в спокойном состоянии без концентрированной мысли о чем бы то ни было: это Kirlian-fingerprints пальца мужчины (Фото 5. на странице Кирлиан-фотографии любви) и на аналогичную фотографию кирлиан-отпечатка пальца  женщины (Фото 34. на странице Психическая энергия и кирлианография. Жизнь души). the field next to the object.
All prints are obtained in the negative image. For greater clarity, we translate them into a positive image so that we can immediately see who we really are: glowing creatures in black space.
In accordance with our hypothesis - contact fingerprints reflect the etheric body (a duplicate of the physical), and distant (field) - the vital soul of the psyche (its animal, lower aspect).

For example, you can see the Kirlian prints of people in a quiet state without a concentrated thought about anything: it's the Kirlian-fingerprints of a man's finger (Photo 5. on the page of Kirlian-love photos) and a similar photograph of the Kirlian-fingerprint of a woman (Photo 34 оn the other page of this website, here).

Presented photos of Kirlian prints in this article - were made at the moment of a focused thought about the deceased subject.

Let's consider examples.

Photo 2 -3 presents Kirlian prints made at the time of concentration on the image of the deceased mother.
Kirlian fingerprints look safe - there are no rips, drops, deformations. In the two cases under consideration (Photo 2-3) the thought of the deceased close does not affect critically the people's psyche (and the work of their Chinese meridians), and does not cause deformation and breakdowns in the aura.
Moreover, the idea of ​​an emotionally significant departed person causes an improvement in the luminosity and form of the aura in the thinker (in comparison with his previous measurement). Thus, in the two cases described above, we observe light beams (streamers) that uniformly diverge on contact Kirlian-prints (2-1 and 3-1) and a set of bright points of light on distant prints (2-2, and 3-2). It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that sometimes on the remote prints you can observe the second boundary (or shell) of the aura. Our observations show that such an effect arises especially clearly in the intensified work of the soul, when a person directly focuses on his soul and tries to get in touch with it. In other cases, at rest, usually such a second aura is not observed.


Photo 4. Kirlian-fingerprints of a woman, J., 66 g, New Zealander, thinks of her mother who died of cancer 12 years ago. She suffered a lot, and was  of her words: "purified like a crystal," passing through the crucible of suffering and pain; 1. The contact is safe and balanced; 2. The distant shot is in the form of a regular hexagon, three-dimensional, similar to a crystal.
Usually, the normal Kirlian fingerprints have a form that tends to the sphere (we know from esoteric sources that human in his true nature is spheroidal, as well as atom and universe).

However, from time to time we received Kirlian prints in the form of angles. In Photo 4. - an angular shape in the form of a regular hexagon, obtained on a remote (field) Kirlian fingerprint, which is unusual for the oval finger (its spheroidal pad). In this case, the tested person took it as a message from the mother that her soul is already in a good state of mind, "pure as a crystal." Let's add that the hexagon symbol in esoteric means the fullness of the disclosure of human existence through the unification of what is above and what is below, in this case what is on the earth and what is in the sky.

Often messages from the deceased come in the form of images and symbols on Kirlian-prints, which cause some associations. They can be considered Photographs of psychic energy, see Photo 5-10.
The term Photographs of Psychic Energy was introduced by the staff of the Research Laboratory for the Study of Psychical Energy (NILIPE, Russia) when they first discovered images in photographs taken during Kirlian studies - on distant (field) recording surfaces.

In our case, Photographs of psychic energy are also obtained, (which are simultaneously a distant field fingerprint of the finger) formed in the moment of a focused thought about a departed subject, see Photo 5-7.
Photo 5. A woman, an Englishwoman, R, 61g, thinks of her father, who died 58 years ago. Then she was only 3 years old.
  1. Kirlian-imprint contact harmonious; 2. A distant imprint is like a kind face; The testimony took the image as a message from her father to her as a child.
Photo top: original negative. Photo below - transformed Kirlian-fingerprints into a positive image
Photo 6. A woman, Russian, E, 61 g, thinks of her mother, who died a year ago. 1.Kirlian-contact imprint is completely harmonious, which may indicate that at the moment of thinking about the mother, the psychophysical background of the organism is not subject to stress; 2. A distant imprint is similar not to the sphere, but to the silhouette of the mother; The testimony took the picture as a message from her mother, that everything was fine with her. Above - the original Kirlian-prints (negative). From the bottom - positive.
Photo 7. A woman, Russian, X, 63 g, thinks about her dog (collie), who died about a year ago. Kirlian-pin contact (1) has some changes (effusions) indicating increased emotion; 2. Distant imprint is similar not to the sphere, but to the silhouette of the muzzle of the collie dog. The testimony took the image as a message from the soul of the dog. Left - the original Kirlian-prints (negative). On the right - they are the same, but transformed into a positive image to illustrate the true form of thoughtforms in space.


In addition to these Photos of psychic energy in these studies, elements of interaction between the soul of the living and the soul of his departed beloved person were revealed, see next Photo 8-10.
Photo 8. A woman, C, 50, New Zealander, was thinking about her deceased mother. 1. The picture of the contact is harmonious and shows a bubble that appears when the thought of someone is stressed (arrow); 2. Distant fingerprint took the form of the heart, from which the light gushes (arrow); 3. Distant imprint of a thin body (positive) - the dots and the fountain of light are visible.
Photo 9. A woman, E., 61, Russian, thinks of a grandmother who died 38 years ago. She was a very devout Christian, treated people with prayers and occasionally dreams of her granddaughter; 1. The contact image is completely harmonious, with a slight imbalance; 2. Distant imprint on which the letter X - (Christ) appeared. E. explained that this letter was written by her grandmother on Easter cakes. Also visible are signs - plasmoids in the form of a star, etc.
Photo 10. The man E. 71. Thought about his spiritual master - Sai Baba, who died several years ago. 1. Contact image - balanced. 2. A distant snapshot revealed at the time of the experiment the perfect sphere of light and writing, educated
The researcher drew the researcher's attention to the initials of Sai Baba (S) and the text, to the right of the sphere. The disciple took these signs as a message from the Master.
Photo 11. A woman, Y, 48 years old (Russian), thinks about her deceased girlfriend S., 52 years old from cancer. She was a very strong and very bright person, "almost holy", she was engaged in spiritual practices while she was alive and, as Y. suggests, she can send light and support to her from another world; The snapshot is similar to the entrance to the tunnel; 2. The distant; Both look prosperous, balanced. In the distant picture, a plasmoid is seen in the form of a bird (or angel). 3. Image of the plasmoid in the positive.
Photo 12. Woman Sh., 50 years old. (Polynesian, healer). Appealed to the ancestors who help her in the work of the healer. 1. The contact image revealed a favorable glow of her finger, but with the intensification of the work of the meridians associated with the respiratory system and mammary glands. This imbalance manifested itself only at the moment of connection with the ancestors, because 2 minutes ago it made the measurement of this finger in the initial state; 2. The remote image is weak, a plasmoid appeared in the form of the 8 final star, and other small plasmoids, including winged ones (negatives originals). 3. Plasmoids of a star and an angel in a positive. The woman took these images as a positive message from her ancestors with promises to help in the future.
The stories of endless love outside of time and space are revealed in our experiences, in the form of connections and contacts between the souls of people who live here in a dense physical world and there - "in a different world." Truly, "love is stronger than death!". Among our subjects were several people whose husbands or wives died. They asked to do a Kirlian test to get at least some information about them. In many cases, such imprints were obtained, which simply aroused the sacred horror of the subjects.

Next to the Kirlian fingerprint of the subject, another person's prints were found. In some cases, letters appeared in the field near the imprint, more often the initials of the deceased. And practically in all cases plasmoids in the form of winged creatures were identified around the field fingerprint of the test subject, which were immediately identified by the subjects as "angels". See also Photo 11. with a similar winged plasmoid.

How can I not remember the texts entitled Letters from a Living Dead Man, which were dictated by Elsa Barker in 1914. In these tests, the newly deceased person began to tell her about the details and peculiarities of the transition and stay of people after physical death.

In particular, he told her that there is a rich life there, including memories and contacts with loved ones left on the earth. The only problem is that we do not perceive messages from them by our usual senses. Only occasionally in a dream "dead" it is possible to "break through a shroud" and something to inform.

In the "afterworld" (our constant habitat, unlike the earthly one) - "there are many abodes" ... As the researches of Kirlian show, everything to which a person touches leaves a fiery (electromagnetic) imprint on himself in thin worlds. So we We build our own abodes, where we will come after physical death. A living deceased, in his dictations, told how the deceased husband built a house there, awaiting the return of his earthly wife.
In the "afterworld" (our constant habitat, unlike the earthly one) - "there are many mansions" (John.14:2 ) ... As the researches of Kirlian show, everything to which a person touches leaves a fiery (electromagnetic) imprint on himself in thin worlds. So we  build our own abodes, where we will come after physical death. A living deceased, in his dictations, told how the deceased husband built a house there, awaiting the return of his earthly wife.

Film  What Dreams May Come, Vincent Ward,1998) taken from the same book by Richard Matheson, also corresponds to the truth.

Several cases in the described experiments reveal a strong connection of people living with their ancestors. The theme of such a connection is widespread in the picture of the world of the Polynesian peoples of the Pacific Ocean, as well as among other non-Western cultures. Souls of ancestors do not disappear, but remain in the "other world" ("the world of ancestors"), where they continue their active existence. But they can come into contact with the living, usually in extreme situations or in a dream, when it is necessary to warn offspring. Ancestors are interested in the well-being of all their living blood relatives. Some especially spiritually advanced people in tribes can come into contact with their ancestors arbitrarily, intentionally. Here are some characteristic stories, see Photos 12 and 13.
A photo. 13. Girl T. 15 years old, a New Zealander, wants to find out the reason for his grandfather's sudden death. Her parents could not answer her question. At the moment of the measurement, she asked the soul of the grandfather about this. 1.Contact print looks energetically complete and safe. 2. The remote imprint proved to be safe, but double (positive). The girl said that grandfather had a daughter who died in her early childhood. Grandfather all the time mourned for her. Now their souls are together, she explained. The girl received "direct knowledge" through an image that reflects the vital soul.
From the point of view of psychology, the very procedure of measuring the fields with the help of the Kirlian method is a psychotherapeutic act in fact.
It can only be about transpersonal psychotherapy, within the framework of post-materialistic science
The experimenter deals with the soul of another person (psyche) and influences the situation, changing his state, which results in a psychic response through electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies. This has an obvious result in the form of the appearance of plasma clusters, changes in the shape of the aura of the etheric body, and emotional responses of the subjects. This puts a serious task for the psychologist "not to harm", especially since he acts in a hypothetical paradigm, which has not yet been recognized by academic science.
There remains the only option of behavior from the point of view of professional ethics - to be completely in the "territory" of the subject, to try to see the situation with his eyes, to trust his intuition. An example of such a trans-psychotherapeutic session is given here.
.In Photos 14-I and 14-II, an important situation occurred with the tested R., who wanted to receive a message from her mother, who died 4 years ago. R. could not get rid of thoughts about her.

Measurements were made, and in the second field distant image, in which a thin body (psyche) was imprinted, the mother's face with anxiously watching eyes for her daughter appeared (because the contact at the time of the research was with her), this is how the image tested this image. After a conversation with a psychologist,  R. decided to "let go" the mother's soul so that she left the laws of space and physics, not to think about her often and not "load it with her problems."  Measurements  were repeated, during which R. "freed" the mother.

.On the repeated distant Kirlian fingerprints, a tiny figure was emerging that stretched up in the void (Photo 14-II, 2). R. exclaimed: "She's gone! Up!"
During the first and second measurements, the physical contact Kirlian imprint (ethereal duplicate) of the woman's finger (Photo 14-I-1 and Photo 14-II-1) indicates her own well-being.
Photo 14. Female R. 55 years old (New Zealander). Thinks of a mother who died 4 years ago; The first measurement. I.1 Contact fingerprint; I.2. Distant, on which the troubled eyes of the mother appeared; The second measurement II.1. Contact fingerprint; II.2. Distant, which revealed a void and a luminous figure that goes upwards (originals negatives, what the subject sees with the eyes). II.3. Fragment of a glowing figure (positive)


A series of experiments was conducted using a modified Kirlian technique (distant plasmography), in which the subject was asked to think of an expensive being who had gone to "other world."  This series and two other series of experiments are described in detail in the book by E. Smirnova (Dubova), Psychic Energy and Kirlianography. Life of the Soul (2016).

In accordance with our hypothesis, the etheric body of a person is revealed on the contact Kirlian fingerprint, and on the distant  (field) work of the soul (its lower, vital, animal part - psyche).

Based on the results of experiments and the analysis of fingerprints, we can presumably draw the following conclusions:
1. We are dealing with the interaction of the vital parts of the souls of different people, staying in both the thin and dense layers of one common universe.
2. If this is so, then we are compelled to recognize the concept of ancient thinkers that there is a common space of souls, one common world-soul - anima mundi, parts of which are individual souls. It has a fiery nature (in our case - electrical).
3. Recognizing the fidelity of this knowledge, we can also recognize the fact of the interaction between the souls of the living and the souls of those who have gone to the other world. Souls of the departed can send information to living people using electricity (in this case - high-frequency).
4. Messages can be seen, because their nature is a plasma, which is recorded by the Kirlian method. Many plasmoids appearing on the recording surfaces has a different form, from spherical and winged to letters and whole texts. Plasmoids often carry out a "transfer" of information between souls in different layers of the universe. Most plasmoids are elemental in nature (from the word element), i.e. they created by the souls themselves from the matter of the mental substance.
5. Of particular interest to researchers are plasmoids, which have signs of independent existence, appearing during mental interaction between souls (namely, having a body and wave-like rays). Such electromagnetic formations are carriers of subtle beings of unknown nature, we tend to call them - angels or devas.
6. Our experiments showed that the ability to decipher these messages from the departed is possessed by all people, only additional mental work is needed.
Kirlian-technique of two-layer distant plasmography reveals a large layer of previously hidden information, what really happens on other planes of life between people. The technique can be used as a psycho-diagnostic and psychotherapeutic. But, it must be emphasized that kirlianography is a very sensitive technique. The result that the experimenter receives may not be repeated in the next measurement. Any stressful interpretation of problems in the field of mental health and relations based on kirlianography is allowed only after repeated repetition (and preferably other hardware methods).
Е.Smirnova (Dubova)
2014-2017гг.  New Zealand-Russia
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